John Brown’s Body goes for “The Gold” in DUB!

John Brown’s Body – “The Gold (Dubmatix Runnin Remix)” mp3

JBB inna house! With a smashin’ remix by the gr8 Dubmatix crew. I love the horn section work on this – classic dub reggae stylings, with a blend so tight it almost sounds like a melodica or accordion. I first discovered John Brown’s Body last year and posted their gorgeous “Give Yourself Over” which I am revisiting now as I put these mptrees together with some other dubby treats for a rockin’ midsummer trail mix. Go deh!

John Brown’s Body
“The Gold (Dubmatix Runnin’ Remix)” (mp3)
from “Re-Amplify”
(Easy Star Records)

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Versionaries’ Booty is a “Bhutee Skank”!

‘Tis a dubbin rubbadubber for this fine day in Cali. We have been having the best spring rains this year, the land is ever so green, and if I hear anyone utter the word “drought” I will hit them with a water balloon. The Versionaries with DJ Kina and Rayja45 bust a tight riddim that borrows as much from roots reggae and early Jamaican dancehall as it does from urban American hip-hop. All with positive lyrics and generous helpings of dub.

The Versionaries, DJ Kina, Rayjah45
“Bhutee Skank” (download mp3)
from “We Come Again”
Bhutte Skank (play)

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Running Down the Coast Barefoot With a Spliff

Coast – “Running Out Of Time” mp3

New Zealand’s Coast draws heavily from reggae and herb-soaked rock, hip-hop and my goodness, U2, Eno and even the Beach Boys.  It’s sunny and fair in Northern Cali this fine Sunday morning, and the strangely joyous bit of melancholy “Running Out Of Time” is pumpin’ out the speaker boxen. Hippie jam band beach-bum lovers rock in the best way. More fun from this lovely trio on their bandcamp page. Superfan out.

“Running Out Of Time” (mp3)
from “Coast – EP”

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Dawn Tawn Prince’s Positive Dubtronic Vibes

Dawn Tawn Prince – “Positive Vibes” mp3

Here’s a hardcore dubstep dish from Dawn Tawn Prince. Take a heavily processed collage of seething square wave synths and acoustic bass n’ drum loops, sprinkle a haunting single vocal refrain atop it with miles of echo, and serve hot. The perfect appetizer for this springtime Saturday in Oaksterdam.

Dawn Tawn Prince
“Positive Vibes” (mp3)
from “Emotional Steppaz”

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Rootz Underground smokes out Phish

Rootz Underground – “Makisupa Policeman” mp3

Marvelous. This collection of ganja-soaked reggae versions of Phish songs is a crazy little treasure box, and Rootz Underground dishing up “Makisupa Policeman” is one of the highlights. Dubby, bubbly goodness, with some tasty instrumental work, and cheerfully insubordinate lyrics that remain faithful to the original while expanding on its theme. A fine toasty blend.

Rootz Underground
“Makisupa Policeman” (mp3)
from “Dub Like An Antelope – Legends of Reggae Celebrate Phish”
(Red Hillz Music)
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Dubstep Bliss – Infected By Bass Bacteria!

BetaSP – “Bacteria” mp3

‘Lectronibots, baby. Lil’ multiplying microscopic nanopuppies of underground bass music bliss. BetaSP‘s work is aggressive and urgent, like the dance music of the late 80s and early 90s when it was still a mostly underground phenomenon – unsafe for mainstream use, a playground for the adventurous and bold. Get a little o’ this bacteria on yr tongues, kittins. From Trenchant Dubs’ l8est brilliant dubstep comp, here is “Bacteria” remixed by Chrissy Murderbot. It’s a party.

BetaSP, Chrissy Murderbot
“Bacteria” (mp3)
from “Bacteria E.P.”
(Trenchant Dubs)

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The Uptones dub-rockin’ epic “Outback”

Best known for their Berkeley ska power pop material, The Uptones also have an affection for big-beat rock-reggae sounds. With apocalyptic horns recalling early UB40, and a bass line that sounds like bubbling hot lava, “Outback” is a round the world epic stuffed into a 4 minute track. Sung by Uptones alum and founding member Charles Stella, penned by bassist Ben Eastwood, the song is on the Uptones Live @ Gilman CD, but this studio version is only available as a free mp3 from the band’s own media page. There’s a free Outback ringtone, too. Rock it.

The Uptones – “Outback” mp3

Makin’ time for Gaudi feat. Dr. Israel

What to post on a nice sunny Saturday morning in Northern Cali? A massive dubwise poptronic wikid and wiley roots stylee pile o’ awesome from the UK? But yes! Busting the jams outta London, producer Gaudi has a massive gem on his hands here. Favorable references to all the gr8 80’s English reggae, plus a clear and present connection to teh modern club riddims that rock the youth. Brooklyn’s Dr. Israel steps up to the mic on this intercontinental collaboration. A stone winner from the “No Prisoners” album out on Six Degrees Records. Hot.

“No Time (feat. Dr. Israel)” (download mp3)
from “No Prisoners”
(Six Degrees Records)
No Time (feat. Dr. Israel) (play)

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Andy Cotton’s “Shit Rock” is tha sh!t

When we see “Shit Rock” in a title we wonder, is this rock shit, as in shite? Or is it The Shit? Dilemmas never cease. Only one way to find out, and you guessed it my dears – I would never trouble you if it were excrement. After all, that’s not my gig. No. I post here only stuff that I really like. And upright bassist Andy Cotton’s dub exploration is some upright in this urban crucial reggae muthrfkin sh!t rock. Go forth and dubify.

Andy Cotton
“Shit Rock (feat. Brian J)” (download mp3)
from “Last Stand at the Havemeyer Ranch”
(Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records)
Shit Rock (feat. Brian J) (play)

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