Finding Peace With Jah Wobble and The Nippon Dub Ensemble

Leave it to Jah Wobble to facilitate a merger of Jamaican dub music with Japanese traditional instruments and vocals reminiscent of Shinto religious ceremonies. What? No, really. It works, it works well, and it’s rather beautiful. This is my Sunday musical offering and I’m quite pleased with it.

Jah Wobble, The Nippon Dub Ensemble
“K Dub 05” (download mp3)
from “Japanese Dub”
“K Dub 05” (play)
(30 Hertz Records)
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Dubmatix feat. Freddy Locks feelin’ the Power

It’s a dubwise Tuesday morning around the Superfan house. Sun has broken through the rains here in Oaksterdam, and there is nothing quite like the freshly scrubbed air in the Bay Area after weeks of oodles of rain. This tune is the soundtrack to my living postcard on this ever so springy spring day. The mighty Dubmatix crew featuring Freddy Locks, bringing the power. Enjoy!

Dubmatix, Freddy Locks
“Power” (download mp3)
from “Power”
(7 Arts Entertainment)
“Power” (play)
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Versionaries Kakhooved Version Versionary Stylee

I haven’t posted a scorching reggae dub track in a while. What to do? Ah, I’ll post The Versionaries‘ scorching “Kakhooved” mp3. Oh my, but this is the medicine. The thing about a good dub, is you just don’t want it to end. It’s like entering a room you’d prefer to stay in all day, and you wonder why you didn’t come in sooner. This instrumental overflows with nature-inspired tones, and rivers of horn section tape echo goodness.

The Versionaries
“Kakhooved” (download mp3)
from “Sounds Sane”
“Kakhooved” (play)
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Glitch Mob’s “Animus Vox” Got Me Speakin’ In Tongues

More yummy sonic fun from The Glitch Mob. This track is slow, smart and sexy, with some unexpected dub twists that can lead to writhing. Analog wave forms seethe with endorphin-stimulating mystery vibes. One sip and you’ll wanna drink the sea.

The Glitch Mob
“Animus Vox” (download mp3)
from “Drink The Sea”
(Glass Air)
“Animus Vox” (play)
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Mag Seven Escapes Phoenix, Unleashes Dub

Utter dubwise destruction from The Mag Seven outta Amarillo, Texas. Instrumental surf-reggae rockin’ bliss. I dig it.

The Mag Seven
“By the Time I Get Out of Phoenix” (download mp3)
from “Black Feathers”
(End Sounds)
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The Mag Seven – “By The Time I Get Out Of Phoenix”

Dub Gabriel feat. U-Roy on the mic, yo

Dub Gabriel (feat. U-Roy) – “Luv n’ Liv (Ming vs. Subatomic Sound System)” mp3

The gr8 U-Roy chats in his inimitable style, over some of the maddest fine dubbins this side of dubtopia. This is the meeting of roots dub and modern dub.  Put it in yr Pod and smoke it. Future dub has arrived.

Dub Gabriel (feat. U-Roy)
“Luv ‘n Liv (Ming vs. Subatomic Sound System)” (mp3)
from “Luv ‘n Liv”
(Destroy All Concepts)
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Esteemed Dodo renders “Kashmir Yam Boys”

Dodo – “Kashmir Yam Boys” mp3

Most chillaxin’ boogie-maxin’ waxin’ dubmatic on the super elastic bubble plastic. Whut? Yes, kittins, here we find an instrumental joint from London’s own Dodo, and it is fresh-tarded. Tabla-esque drummie patterns carry wind and string synthy tones on a wander through the middle and far east. Sounds rather like Asian Dub Foundation ate pot cookies with Jan Hammer and couldn’t stop giggling. Props to Subverse for the tip, I wouldna evar found this w/o his ever valiant digital vigilance. Another musical gift from the gr8 Interwhatnot, for your enjoyment, because we can. Byeee

“Kashmir Yam Boys” (mp3)
from “Voodoo Bazaar”
(Freshly Squeezed Music)

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Lee “Scratch” Perry’s illuminating “Psalm”

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Psalm” mp3

While Lee “Scratch” Perry is a name synonymous with dub, and for that matter every stage of Jamaican music over the last sixty years, I also have a particular appreciation for his vocal style. He’s so funny, and has a way of being reverent and irreverent at the same time. Here we find Madman Scratchy in fine form, chanting a “Psalm” like no other – dropping names and images from popular culture, scriptures, songs, nature, politics and freakin’ comic books – weaving it all into a picture of the world that no one else could conjure. Unique and brilliant.

Lee “Scratch” Perry
“Psalm” (mp3)
from “Revelation (Bonus Track Version)”

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Who is Almamegretta? “Just Say Who”

Almamegretta – “Just Say Who” mp3

Hella dubwiser. That’s right kittins, go forth into the dub-o-sphere on this fine Sunday morning with Almamegretta. Lush vocal harmonies cascade through an echoing wonderscape in classic Jamaican style, but lo and behold, this track is from an artist in Napoli, Italy. Not surprising, really. There is an ongoing world-wide study of ska, reggae, dub and every other permutation of Jamaican music, just as there has been of every stage of American rock, blues and jazz. It’s only natural.

“Just Say Who” (mp3)
from “Vulgus”

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Vindan & The Zion Band’s tasty Lemon MPTree

Vindan & The Zion Band – “Lemon Tree” mp3

Ok now we gonna get waaaay back in da cut with some easy skankin’ sloooow reggae. Nice trippy sorta romantic chill lyrix and oh so sweet dub moves all up in the drummies and horns. Aussie roots lovers Vindan & The Zion Band takes the day’s lemons and makes some fresh musical lemonade. Me likes it.

Vindan & The Zion Band
“Lemon Tree” (mp3)
from “Vindan & The Zion Band”
(Per Capita Records)

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