Dub Gabriel, “Dis Song”

Dub Gabriel‘s influence must be from growing up in a record store his father owned in Chicago. Think Bill Laswell meets Peanut Butter Wolf and you might get an idea of where this cat is coming from. Bare, simple, but never boring production. Crisp drums with a world flare on his sample and percussion choices, “Dis Song” may not be up to speed with the bass centered dance scene, but it’s a refreshing siesta anytime of day.

Dis Song (play/download mp3)

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Mikey Murka, “Sensi Addict”

Mikey Murka blesses the Mic on this release from German digital reggae crew Jahtari. The concept behind Jahtari is simple: they create DUB but with laptops. The result is what they call: Digital Laptop Reggae (DLR). Since 2004 this group has worked with MCs in Europe and all over the world. “Sensi Addict” showcases how proper digital rhythms works with traditional island-vocal stylings.

Sensi Addict (play/download mp3)

Port Said Wobble With Jah

Jah Wobble is weird. Jah Wobble is great. Jah Wobble is great and weird. Jah Wobble takes a frenetic percussion double time bongo spaz and uses it to set the stage for a half-time dub reggae bliss-groove with meditation flute. Because he can. Because he likes to. He’s an artist, you see. They do stuff like that. But when the sub-bass growling undulating bass guitar kicks in you’ll have physical symptoms. EXCELLENT DUB!!!

Jah Wobble
“Port Said” (download mp3)
from “Welcome To My World”
“Port Said” (play)
(30 Hertz Records)
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Nomad Goes “Deeper” w/ Jornick & Saritah

The hand held, breath-powered keyboard known as the Melodica was made a staple of reggae and dub music by Augustus Pablo, on his classic Jamaican recordings. Here we find The Nomad revisiting that sweet sound and other classic dubby bits on “Deeper” off the “Perilous Times” album.

The Nomad
“Deeper (feat. Jornick & Saritah)” (download mp3)
from “Perilous Times (Bonus Edition)”
“Deeper (feat. Jornick & Saritah)” (play)
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Chanting A Psalm With Lee “Scratch” Perry!

It’s my birthday! Happily it coincides with the birth of our nation. When I was a little kid I thought all those fireworks were for me! Ya know whut? I still do! Why not? A wise man once said to me, “the world is as you see it.” So thanks for all the fireworks =) Hmm, what shall I post on my birthday? Lee “Scratch” Perry of course. Inventor of dub and winner of the first Nobel Prize for Positive Vibes. Happy 4th, all! <3

Lee Scratch Perry
“Psalm” (download mp3)
from “Revelation”
Psalm” (play)
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Dub Nomads Bringin’ The B.P.M’s From Brooklyn

Instant total problem-dissolving Friday Dub Cleanser. That’s right. Dub Nomads with your medicine. Instrumental, outsermental, mental. It’s a beautiful ting. Equal parts New York jazz and Jamaican dub. Deeelicious.

Dub Nomads
“B.P.M. Dub” (download mp3)
from “Brooklyn Sessions”
(Concent Productions, Inc.)
“B.P.M. Dub” (play)
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Baba Zula Takes Us To A Gecekondu

“Gecekondus” are semi-legal urban squats in Turkey. Baba Zula uses “electro saz” (a Turkish lute), wooden spoons, and various percussion, along with some very odd vocal shouts and moans, to evoke life in a Gecekondu. Gecekondu is a word I learned today and I am likely to say it whenever possible. Gecekondu. Gecekondu. Try it, it’s a good word. And “Komsu” is a very cool, unusual sounding track, too. Don’t shoot.

Baba Zula
“Komsu” (download mp3)
from “Gecekondu”
(Doublemoon Records)
“Komsu” (play)
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Hi Fi Killers, “Evil Dub”

This is the kind of dub instrumental I hope to hear walking into a low lit & laid back club downtown on a Friday night after a long week. This kind of sultry, chill-out, vibe captured well. Hi Fi Killers do deliver! Beautiful horn sectional hook. After chilling out and listening to this track I’ve certainly been left with a contact high. Thanks to HI FI! Evil Dub it up!

“Evil Dub” (play/download mp3)

The Uptones Orbit A Solar Disco Ball

This track from The Uptones‘ new CD is dub sunshine in a bottle. Huge molten brass slathered over a miles-wide bass and drum beat mixes it up with skankin’ guitars and shimmering organ bubbles. An instrumental reggae lovefest, “Solar Disco Ball” just became the soundtrack to my East Bay spring day.

East Bay OrbitsThe Uptones
 “Solar Disco Ball” (download mp3)
from “East Bay Orbits”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)
“Solar Disco Ball” (play)
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