SIMO’s “Mindless Banta” reeeeemixed proper

SIMO – “Mindless Banta (Ground Control RMX)” mp3

Mindless banta? Whateva do ya mean? Well it’s the weekend and often that means this Supafan hazta get her ‘lectronic disco on. This glossy slab of bass and beats is sprinkled with liberal helpings of aural candy and audio ecstasy for a complete and engulfing decadent escape. Cre8ive twists and turns all the way through, yet with a steady and danceable pulse throughout. One could describe some good sex that way. Sexy dance music for the only July 17, 2010 that will ever happen in all eternity! I believe we should enjoy it.

“Mindless Banta (Ground_Control RMX “) (mp3)
from “Mindless Banta Remixed”
(Sleevin Records)

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Dragonette Gets Around

Dragonette – “I Get Around” mp3

How pop do ya wannit? This is some yummy grown-up bubblegum for yer tummies. A criminally infectious chorus tops an electronic dance pop treat that would work as well in any nightclub as it would on pop radio. Not the Beach Boys hit of the same name, but def some shameless fun. A word of caution, this hook will stick to you like sugar frosted honey buns. Dragonette, from Toronto & London, my urban fun-loving dears. Pop h8ers need not apply.

“I Get Around” (mp3)
from “Galore”
(I Surrender Records)

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The Fake haz Robot Friend LOL

My Robot Friend – “The Fake” mp3

Truth is this morning I looked for a song about being machines. Or about becoming machines. About being part of a massive emerging collective consciousness made of light, wires, hardware and wet nerves. Welcome to the machine. You will be assimilated. Devo meets The Normal at a rave. Enjoy.

My Robot Friend
“The Fake” (mp3)
from “Hot Action! (Deluxe Edition)”
(Worried Rainbow)

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Mostow aka Sum-in-1’s Disco Hip-Hop Appeal

Sum-in-1 – “Anywhere (feat. Noah Lowman)” mp3

Git funky. Over a classic Chic-esque disco track, Sum-in-1 reveals a hip-hop style plea to his true love for another chance. This young artist knows something about second chances, having survived a near-fatal car crash in 2004, just as his career was starting to kick. Re-dedicating himself with a new-found appreciation for life and music, Mostow aka Sum-in-1 has a slew of new material for 2010, informed by his experiences. The music is ear-friendly and tight, behind pop-y vocal flows that come refreshingly humble and sincere. Lemonade from life’s lemons, in a big way.

“Anywhere (feat. Noah Lowman)” (mp3)
from “Anywhere”

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Michael DeVellis’ “Continuous Mix” Rocks the Party 4 Evar!

Michael DeVellis – “Continuous Mix” mp3

Time 2 get funkay, b!tchez. Some music is made for one thing – to get down, get loose, shake your money maker and have a party. Serving the needs of deejay disco lovin’ peeps from pole to pole, live via Interwebs I give you a nightclub in a bottle, just add speakers and put on your boogie shuz. This is like a trip thru the 70’s on a magic turntable hot tub time machine with a clavinet and Mr. Bubble. Michael DeVellis’ hugely generous “Continuous Mix” is continuous alright, weighing it at over 21 minutes of ever-morphing funky sonic bliss. Party on.

Michael DeVellis
“Continuous Mix” (mp3)
from “Same Ole’ Thang EP”
(Pockit Records)

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Pop Goes the Moneybrother

Moneybrother – “Born Under A Bad Sign” mp3

Not a cover of the famous blues song of the same name, this “Born Under a Bad Sign” comes from Sweden’s Anders Wendin, AKA Moneybrother. In a signal of departure from his earlier punk efforts, this opening track from Wendin’s brand new album “Real Control,” was produced by Peter, Bjorn and John of Peter, Bjorn and John fame. It’s a classic bit of Euro-soul, piled high with pop hooks over a bounding disco-rock beat. Definitely on my “summer fun” playlist. Enjoy!

“Born Under a Bad Sign” (mp3)
from “Real Control”
(Bladen County Records)

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Groove 2 Da Action Jackson!

In a modern re-interpretation of the classic Blaxploitation movie soundtracks, 2 Da Groove takes the “Action Jackson” theme from the big screen to the dance floor. Good instrumental fun. Also, for an amazing set of the original 70’s stuff this is based on, check out the Selvin On The City podcast at OpenSourceMusic. Gr8 stuff.

2 Da Groove
“Action Jackson” (download mp3)
from “Blaxploitation”
(Fervor Records)
Action Jackson (play)

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In Flagranti’s flagrant Disco

In Flagranti – “Ex Ex Ex”

You know I’m a disco duck. And we quack and we cluck. Like the rooster that launches this mp3. On the disco dance floor. With our Ex Ex Ex’s. Yes we do. Reminding favorably of Bananarama, and Blondie’s fine disco rapping moment, In Flagranti is flagrant in their love for sex, disco and, well, disco and sex. Clear enough? Party on, Dieter.

In Flagranti
“Ex Ex Ex” (mp3)
from “Ex Ex Ex”
(Codek Records)

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