Don’t Be Afraid, It’s A Hawt Remix From Denver House Champ, Vanish!

Denver, Colorado has always been a HUGE house music town. Maybe it’s the altitude? Definitely it’s the attitude. Here’s some Denver-vintage House medicine for your boogie fevers, mixed with gr8 affection by DJ Vanish with a brilliant cast of characters. Play this at your party and people will dance and make out.

“Don’t Be Afraid (The Boorman Lewis Method Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Don’t Be Afraid”
“Don’t Be Afraid” (play)
(Velcro City Records)
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Eddie Nicholas “Ghumbah” Re-Remixed

Aint nuthin’ but a party. A dance floor mashing mash up of Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, pushed along by a sexy synth bass and lead bongos. That’s right, lead bongos. “Ghumbah” is remixed 6 (count ’em) SIX times on this EP, cleverly titled “Ghumbah.”

Eddie Nicholas
“Ghumbah (Adam Cruz Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Ghumbah”
“Ghumbah (Adam Cruz Remix)” (play)
(Mixtape Sessions)
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All Up in the 1’s + 0’s with iiO – “At the End”

I admit I’m on a disco kick fo’minit, ok? The sun has broken through the infinite fkin winter gloom and I’m ’bout to celebrate. Stay up all night dancing, play this song, have a mimosa, and greet the dawn. Glo-sticks, black lights, why not? Now is the time in Sprockets vhen ve dahnce.

“At the End” (download mp3)
from “At the End (Metropolitan Mix)”
(Made Records)
“At The End” (play)
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DJ Hero’s “Disco Nightlife” Is The Sex

What is it about disco that we love so? And that haters hate so? It is that the music exists only for pleasure, and not for other purposes. To that end, here is some pure hyper-disco booty rockin’ fun, from DJ Hero. Ferocious orbiting bass lines and throbbing filtered synths party over a beat that will fill any dance floor. I love the crazy timbale treatment too, haven’t heard that trick before. Hawt.

DJ Hero
“Disco Nightlife” (download mp3)
from “Bass Dog Pt2”
(Velcro City Records)
“Disco Nightlife” (play)
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Riding The “Backlash” with Hey! Brontosaurus

This little ditty is seriously makin’ me shake my stuff. Over an upbeat, poppy sound similar to Blur, the vocals and lyrics hit you like a stun gun. Echos of “Radio Clash” and other 80’s wonderfulness. It’s class war as dance party! And Hey! Brontosaurus is winning.

Hey! Brontosaurus
“Backlash” (download mp3)
from “Backlash”
(Fortune Records)
“Backlash” (play)
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The Bar-Kays Freak the Dance Floor

Understand, The Bar-Kays are simply one of the coolest things to ever exist on earth. Their career is a study in the evolution of American popular music. Here we find our heroes in the throes of early 1980’s disco. Shake it baby.

The Barkays
“Freakshow on the Dance Floor” (download mp3)
from “Greatest Hits”
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The Barkays – “Freakshow on the Dance Floor”

Tom Tom Club’s “Genius of Love,” Geniusly Live!

Tom Tom Club – “Genius of Love (live)” mp3

One of the biggest, greatest, most brilliant crossover giant-ass radio format-obliterating hits of the 1980s, was the Tom Tom Club‘s “Genius of Love.” Today I present a killer live version from the brand spanking new “Genius of Live” collection, which features some gr8  Tom Tom Club live cuts on one disc, and another CD with nothing but remixes of this iconic and essentially perfect song. My Superfan cup runneth over. Epic find.

Tom Tom Club
“Genius of Love (live)” (mp3)
from “Genius of Live”

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Superstar Matthew Dear’s Superbad “Little People (Black City)”

Matthew Dear – “Little People Black City” mp3

Matthew Dear is a star. A huge star. He’s world famous, major. You just maybe never heard of him. Why? Let’s put it this way. If you’re into the vast, thriving international nightclub deejay music scene, you already know all about this guy. If you don’t, you wouldn’t give him a second look in line at Starbucks. In the age of Internets, there are superstars that for Lady GagMe fans might as well be on a different planet. I like Matthew Dear’s planet, a lot. This music is so beautiful, hypnotic, sexy, original, and kind. There is nothing I don’t completely love about it. So there ya go. My highest endorsement. Get this record in your life and you’ll have more fun, have better sex, eat salads and go to the gym more. Byeeee =) <3

Matthew Dear
“Little People (Black City)” (mp3)
from “Little People (Black City)”
(Ghostly International)
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TchucbandioniS’ Ev@r So FunkAy “Valvulado”!

TchucbandioniS- “Valvulado” mp3

Here’s a chanting funky latin-rockr, suitable for dance floor clowning or a fine summer’s day BBQ. “Valvulado” is a single from Sao Paulo, Brasil’s dynamic TchucbandioniS – a somewhat mysterious entity I can find little info about on the Googlenets. But I love this track, and it’s all about one gr8 mp3 a day here in Superfanland. So here, my pretties, is a musical offering for Saturday, Sep. 11, 2010. A genre-mashing international jazz funk rock latin burst of flavor. Enjoy.

“Valvulado” (mp3)
from “O Novo Transmissor”
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InCulto’s über-funkay “Sabroso”

InCulto – “Sabroso” mp3

Hell yeah! Presenting for your listening and hip-shakin’ pleasure, the worldly Lithuanian world music explosion that is InCulto. Expertly blending salsa, funk, disco, pop and the kitchen sink, this rockin’ quintet creates a special blend of their own they call Eastern European Funk. Honestly if you don’t dance to this or at least find yourself tappin’ your toes n’ fingers, seek medical attention. Dream bill: these guys and Gogol Bordello. I are a instant fan. Rock it!

“Sabroso” (mp3)
from “Eastern European Funk EP”
(M.P.3 Agency)
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