Punx Soundcheck “Nobody Move” Moves Plenty

Alright, lots of parties around the world today for various reasons. Is there ever a bad reason for a party? Methinks not. Here’s some fun ‘lectronic dance floor spaz material for any occasion. Music deconstructs itself down to molecules and electrons in the hands of today’s laptop wielding sound architects, to give us crispy club jamz like this. I like.

Punx Soundcheck
“Nobody Move” (download mp3)
from “Ghost House EP”
(Hottwerk Records)
“Nobody Move” (play)

Miss Kitten & The Hacker, “1982”

Miss Kitten and the Hacker’s “1982” may be a reference to the early days of techno, before it exploded on the European dance scene and the music and culture launched stars like Miss Kitten and her long-time collaborator The Hacker. “1982” helped springboard the electro-euro-pop scene in Europe and throughout the world.

1982 (play/download mp3)

Andy Votel, “Return Of The Spooky Driver”

Andy Votel is pure genius! Not only is he the co-founder of the super cool Manchester record label Twisted Nerve Records, but he is a brilliant producer and a great musician! ”Return of The Spooky Driver” is a mad-psychedelic trip into the mind of Gaston Leroux (Phantom of the Opera), or even a track form the Clockwork Orange soundtrack. With a sample of Primal Scream’s anthem ”Kill All Hippies” it’s a well rounded track with heaps of indie credibility!

Return Of The Spooky Driver (play/download mp3)

Francesco Tarantini Drops House, Ladies And Gentleman

I PROMISE you, if you DON’T like HOUSE music, you will H8 this with a capital H8! But, if you LOVE HOUSE your MUSIC, as I do, you may find yourself dancing around the kitchen with a barely controlled glass of wine before pouncing on your lover like an oversexed zoo animal. Just sayin’, I warned you, either way.

Francesco Tarantini
“Ladies And Gentleman (House Mix)” (download mp3)
from “New Breed of Deep House”
Ladies And Gentleman (House Mix) (play)
(King Street Sounds)
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Swing Republic Gets On the Downbeat w/ Bing Crosby

Here’s a jubilant reworking of some Bing Crosby samples, framed anew in a modern disco setting. It’s fun, it’s wacky, it’s not really jazz but it swings alright! “On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” is sure to make the cats’ ears twitch and the doggies’ paws tap.

Swing Republic
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (download mp3)
from “White Mink : Black Cotton 2 (Electro Swing vs Speakeasy Jazz)”
“On the Downbeat (feat. Bing Crosby)” (play)
(Freshly Squeezed Music)

An-ten-nae Goes All International w/ Karim So, Sica

Aww, you know we international. Not sure about you kidz, but I still love air travel. It gives me a thrill every time we lift off and experience the miracle of flight. This sicko piece of electronic club mashing evokes the wide open skies of modern life most eloquently. An-ten-nae, coast to coast, over the pond, north south east west, baby.

“We International feat. Karim So, Sica” (download mp3)
from “Acid Crunk EP 8”
“We International” (play)
(Muti Music)

iLL.Gates Jams “In Di Streets (feat. Masia One and Meesha)”

Those SF Music Sluts told me they saw ill.Gates 4 times this year, and every night he played this track. This leads me to believe this one is one of ill.Gates’ favorite tracks of the year. His treatment of it is spectacularly entertaining. Up to the minute dubstep backs hip-hop dancehall freakin’. Why, this is more urban than an urb. And what is an urb? Why, it’s like an orb, only urban. Cos I said so. Cos in the streets we dub it. iLL.Gates, take it away.

“In Di Streets (feat. Masia One and Meesha)” (download mp3)
from “The Ill.Methodology”
“In Di Streets” (play)
(Muti Music)

Don’t Be Afraid, It’s A Hawt Remix From Denver House Champ, Vanish!

Denver, Colorado has always been a HUGE house music town. Maybe it’s the altitude? Definitely it’s the attitude. Here’s some Denver-vintage House medicine for your boogie fevers, mixed with gr8 affection by DJ Vanish with a brilliant cast of characters. Play this at your party and people will dance and make out.

“Don’t Be Afraid (The Boorman Lewis Method Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Don’t Be Afraid”
“Don’t Be Afraid” (play)
(Velcro City Records)
More house music!!!

Dubsteppin’ To Da Sound A Da Bass feat. Naada

Dubstep freakiness. It’s Saturday, whaddya want? Your parents don’t like this. Enjoy.

Love and Light, Stephan Jacobs
“Sound A Da Bass (feat. Naada)” (download mp3)
from “143”
“Sound A Da Bass (feat. Naada)” (play)
(Muti Music)
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Nomad Goes “Deeper” w/ Jornick & Saritah

The hand held, breath-powered keyboard known as the Melodica was made a staple of reggae and dub music by Augustus Pablo, on his classic Jamaican recordings. Here we find The Nomad revisiting that sweet sound and other classic dubby bits on “Deeper” off the “Perilous Times” album.

The Nomad
“Deeper (feat. Jornick & Saritah)” (download mp3)
from “Perilous Times (Bonus Edition)”
“Deeper (feat. Jornick & Saritah)” (play)
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