The Revelators’ “Spell” turns Old School to New School

The Revelators – “When the Spell Is Broken”

Without gimmicks or slick production tricks, Australia’s Revelators win the old school way: with great composition and performance. It’s nice to hear music like this – so rooted in American country, blues and rock – stand out today, and sound original and contemporary in its own right. Real high quality stuff here.

The Revelators
“When the Spell Is Broken” (mp3)
from “The Revelators”
(Head Records)

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Jerry Butler tells love like it is

Jerry Butler – “He Don’t Love You Like I Love You”

The great Jerry Butler revisits his hit song “He Don’t Love You Like I Love You” and takes it higher with the wisdom of a man who has lived it all at least twice. And the lyrics – “he’s had so many rehearsals” – I mean give me a break! This is a top flight old school song by a class performer and a truly great singer. Hats off to Jerry Butler.

Jerry Butler
“He Don’t Love You (Like I Love You)” (mp3)
from “Brand New Me”

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Spare Ribs & Chopsticks by Nick Moss & The Flip Tops

Nick Moss & The Flip Tops-Spare Ribs Chopsticks (live)

Dayumb. These cats can PLAY! Wicked roadhouse shakin’ blues rock jammin’ at a high level. Enjoy w/ BBQ and a fine lager.

Nick Moss & The Flip Tops
“Spare Ribs & Chopsticks” (mp3)
from “Live At Chan’s – Combo Platter No. 2”
(Blue Bella Records)

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Willie Nelson & Asleep at the Wheel got “Hesitation Blues” for real

Dayumb. They REALLY don’t make ’em like THIS anymore! Shoot, who can even PLAY like this anymore!? This great record, recorded by Jerry Wexler himself (google him if ya don’t know) was finally released, 30 years after its completion. Hesitation Blues indeed!

Willie Nelson & Asleep at the Wheel
“Hesitation Blues” (download mp3)
from “Willie And The Wheel”
(Bismeaux Records)
Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel – “Hesitation Blues” (play)

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Jason Ricci is a New Man, and so can you!

Jason Ricci & New Blood – “I’m a New Man”

The healing power of music is well known, and on a track like this it is palpable. A harmonica virtuoso and superb singer and songwriter, you’ll be hearing more of this cat soon I am sure of it. Plop this mp3 on your summer BBQ mix – it’s a keeper.

Jason Ricci & New Blood
“I’m a New Man” (mp3)
from “Rocket Number 9”
(Eclecto Groove Records)

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Matthews Southern Comfort sez “Touch Her If You Can”

Matthews Southern Comfort – “Touch Her If You Can”

There are a number of labels popping up lately who specialize in digitizing vinyl records from decades gone by and making them available for new music fans to enjoy. You can call that a major service to humanity, a labor of love, or just smart business! Cos it’s a gold mine, really. Two such labels that deserve big props in this dept. are Light In The Attic and ItsAboutMusic.

Matthews Southern Comfort
“Touch Her If You Can” (mp3)
from “Scion”

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This track I just found from an artist called Matthews Southern Comfort, whom I’ve never heard of before, is a real gem of southern country folk rock. Nashville’esque production and a Grateful Dead dancing barefoot with flowers in hair attitude, frame some clever lyrics that stand the test of time as more than just a summer of love cliché. Plus this guy has a lovely singing voice. Sort of a friendlier, not as tragically damaged Cat Stevens warble. Check it out!

Chris Barron’s new Spin from an old Doctor

Chris Barron – “Brokenhearted Serenade”

An inspired take on an ancient theme. “So funny I forgot to cry” – one of those lines I’d say was cliché except I’ve never heard it before! This song is full of gems like that, with a sound that reminds in a good ways of The Byrds, Paul Kelly, Michael Penn (remember his hit?) and Crowded House. A yummy power pop ballad from the singer-songwriter of Spin Doctors fame.

Chris Barron
“Brokenhearted Serenade” (mp3)
from “Pancho and the Kid”
(Valley Entertainment)

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Walt Wilkins Stands By The Rambler

Walt Wilkins – “Standing By the Rambler”

Old skool country singer songwriter steps into time machine and casts modern storyteller gaze on one couple’s romance. Sweet, kinda stonesy, country rock stylee. I dig it.

Walt Wilkins
“Standing By the Rambler” (mp3)
from “Hopewell”
(Palo Duro Records)

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Boo Boo Davis talkin’ bouta “Dirty Dog”

Boo Boo Davis – “Dirty Dog”

Low down and nazty blues rawk groove from East St Louis, Illinois. Heavy!  Excellent wah wah guitar and harmonica work, rock solid rhythm section, and a killer vocal.

Boo Boo Davis
“Dirty Dog” (mp3)
from “Name Of The Game”
(Black and Tan Records)

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Hips’ Singer Bluhm Blooms Solo

Tim Bluhm – “Spooked Cat Blues”

It is well known to those who know me that I LOVE the Mother Hips. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that I’m all over Tim Bluhm’s solo work as well. “House of Bluhm” is a marvelous solo record from the Hips’ guitar slinging, singing, wandering rock soul man.

Tim Bluhm
“Spooked Cat Blues” (mp3)
from “House of Bluhm”
(reapandsow, Inc.)

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