Hearin’ What’s “Just Around The Bend” with James “Earache” Shouse

This swift-kickin’ lil’ bluegrass number has got my feet a stompin’ and head a bobbin’. James “Earache” Shouse is a lead singer/arranger who has jammed with many players including greats Bill & James Monroe, Dr. Wayne Kirby, Wayne Newton, Willie Nelson. This is a great back-porch ditty. Inspirational, joyous, and full of effortless virtuoso pluckin’ & fiddlin’. Check it!

“Just Around the Bend” (download mp3)
from “Ain’t No Part O’ Nothin'”
“Just Around The Bend” (play)
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Jude Johnstone’s “Quiet Girl” Makes Some Noise

Here’s a gr8 new original song from Jude Johnstone. In popular music these days, quality songcraft is often missing, replaced by hype or simple laziness. In most classic songs, every line supports the title, making the thought come across crystal clear in one listen, only to grow and gain depth over time. Reminiscent of Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris (Harris actually sings backup on this track) Johnstone is a real-deal songwriter, as evidenced by the many songs she’s had covered by major artists. This track is warm, expressive, and effortless. Old school top shelf work, hot off the presses.

Jude Johnstone
“Quiet Girl” (download mp3)
from “Quiet Girl”
(Bojak Records)
“Quiet Girl” (play)
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Henry Townsend “Jack O Diamonds/Georgia Rub”

  As you listen to the opening of Henry Townsend’s, Jack O’ Diamonds, you get a sense for the kind of swagger that is characteristic of his music. Townsend was one of the most successful American jazz musicians and one of the few to manage an active recording career that spanned over 80 years. By the time he hit his roaring 20s he was wailing and roaring on stage as he began touring and recording with Walter Davis. Henry Townsend’s musical journey finally came full circle in 1995 when he was inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame, and then again in 2008, when he was awarded a Grammy for the Best Traditional Blues album.

Henry Townsend – “Jack O Diamonds/Georgia Rub (play/download mp3)

I Love Love Love Kelley Hunt’s “Gravity Loves You”

Kelley Hunt delivers the goods with her passionate, bluesy and scorchingly soulful vocals.  I was hooked from the very first line, and she just gets hotter as the song progresses. This track is full of groove, gospel and goodies. The lyrics are uplifting and profound. With a voice like this and a band as top shelf as hers, they’ve got all they need to bring it home. And they do. Hell yeah.

Kelley Hunt
“Gravity Loves You” (download mp3)
from “Gravity Loves You”
(88 Records)
“Gravity Loves You” (play)
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Papa Charlie Jackson “Coal Man Blues”

Known for his unique use of instrument, Papa Charlie Jackson is a definite blues recording artist that you should to turn your ear to. A New Orleans native, Jackson’s “Coal Man Blues”  illustrates his one-of-a-kind upbeat tempo that is not often associated with traditional delta blues. Not only a great beat to tap your feet to, but “Coal Man Blues” exhibits vibrating sounds from Jackson’s banjo, jamming on his instrument in sync with a melody that really gets you moving. Enjoy!

Papa Charlie Jackson “Coal Man Blues (play/download mp3)

Strolling Back Down Robin Bacior’s “Familiar Road”

With a choir chiming in behind her like ghost of a bygone era, Robin Bacior sings a song of love, loss and change. The musicians backing her are top notch, and extra props must be given to the drummer for playing the spaces with such excellent tension. Bacior’s voice is effortlessly beautiful on this single from her “Aimed for Night” EP. Check it out.

Robin Bacior
“Familiar Road” (download mp3)
from “Aimed for Night – EP”
(Hosenfish Records)
“Familiar Road” (play)
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Greater Pacific Goes The Distance

This is a really great listen. The vocals of Kyle Kersten bring me back to Ryan Adams’ “Heartbreaker” record – where he sings beautiful, heart-wrenching duets with the female vocal-stylings of Emmylou Harris. The added touch of the synth-like sounds here, make this a dreamy, relaxing number. Kersten’s alt-country voice and the pedal steel hooked me into this from the start. Beautiful song.

Greater Pacific
“Distance” (download mp3)
from “Rainfall”
(Yer Bird Records)
“Distance” (play)
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Irene Scruggs and Blind Blake – “Married Man Blues (Take 2)”

St. Louis raised Irene Scruggs’ amazing vocals come alive in ” Married Man Blues.”  Scruggs blends beautifully with the strumming of Blind Blake’s guitar in this 1930 recording that was never released on 78.  Known for her alluring voice and raunchy/sexy blues sensibilities, her voice tunes with the music in such a way that you just feel her passion. Scruggs is a definite female blues recording artist that time has proven worthy Enjoy 🙂

Irene Scruggs w/ Blind Blake – Married Man Blues (Take 2) (play/download)

Flying “Anywhere The Wind Blows” w/ Big Eagle

Here is a sweet and soulful modern country song that had me catching my breath this morning. Big, warm female harmonies, and a prominent electric piano form the Greek Chorus to this tale of bad love. Big Eagle singer Robyn Miller is all kinds of beautiful, and her voice carries the history of her musical odyssey. From Humboldt county roots, through indie-rock glory with The Peels, and all the requisite highs and lows of the Kafkaesque music business, Miller emerges with all her limbs intact, and a transcendent new record. This is all grow’d up. Check it out.

Big Eagle
“Anywhere The Wind Blows” (download mp3)
from “Willow Creek”
(MRG Recordings)
“Anywhere The Wind Blows” (play)
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Gene Autry – “The Girl I Left Behind”

Gene Autry, if you have forgotten, recorded and wrote hundreds of songs. He was, and still is, America’s most successful singing cowboy. Was cast in 93 movies, and starred in 91 television productions. Ring a bell? Well here he is again lamenting for us all about the girl he left behind. A gem in the MP3 treasure chest. Enjoy!

Gene Autry – “Girl I Left Behind (download mp3)