Laughingstock, “Like Texas”

Cinematic, spacious, and poetic, the songs of Laughingstock pull you in with layered textures while celebrating the victories, defeats, and spirituality of everyday life. “Like Texas” is a quiet little epic metaphor for America’s largest contradiction.

Like Texas (play/download mp3)

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Fiddlin Frank Nelson, “Buck Creek Gal”

Fiddlin Frank Nelson was a moniker used by the great southern fiddler, Doc Roberts. Doc was a farmer first and a musician in his spare time. Although he only played and recorded on weekends, he cut over 70 sides. “Buck Creek Gal” is an upbeat number, and you can hear how his style influenced early country music.

Buck Creek Gal (play/download mp3)

Gus Cannon, “Madison Street Rag”

You can trace most of American popular music back to the blues. Rock n’ roll is the obvious one. But with “Madison Street Rag,” a different American music’s roots can be heard: hip-hop’s. Hip-hop is born and bred from the streets. Released on the Paramount label in 1927, Gus Cannon’s gravelly voice sounds like he’s freestlying on the street corner as passersby look on in amazement. Sounds a lot like how hip-hop got its start. Enjoy!

Madison Street Rag (play/download mp3)

Ray Campi Skins The Jimmie Skinner Songbook

As much biographical info as there is in this song, I don’t think I need to tell you the story of Ray Campi, or what he cares or doesn’t care about.  It’s all here, in a four minute testimony over some fine gitfiddle steel pickin’. Rockabilly legend Ray Campi, ladies and gents, paying tribute to bluegrass hitmaker Jimmie Skinner. Buckets of GR8.

Ray Campi
“Jimmie Skins The Blues” (download mp3)
from “The Ultimate Jimmie Skinner Songbook”
“Jimmie Skins The Blues” (play)
(Real Music Productions)
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Brady Harris Wants To Get Drunk With You

Gosh, grant me the sherenidy, to ‘cept the drinks I cannot have, the courage to drink the onesh I haves, and the wishdom to know the differensh HiC! BUURRRRRPP. Ahem. Now then. Here is Brady Harris with an ode to drunken lovin’, “Drunk With You.” It’s actually a sweet, strangely sober lament, about love and what to do with it.

Brady Harris
“Drunk with You” (download mp3)
from “Acoustic Rewind”
(Golden State Music)
“Drunk With You” (play)
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Raiding Le Water Tower 4 Buckets o’ Fine Fromage

From the mossy woods of Oregon, descending on Portland with guitars, fiddles and banjos, I present for your enjoyment the Water Tower Bucket Boys. Comical yet foreboding lyrics dance like a care free fool atop a careening locomotive of acoustic roots Americana, with French love interest. Yes. Have a taste of folky “Fromage.”

Water Tower Bucket Boys
“Fromage” (download mp3)
from “Sole Kitchen”
(Cohouse Music)
“Fromage” (play)
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Izzy Cox, “Bad Bad Woman”

Genius, genius. Pure shiny steel gitfiddle glee, plus purty danger babe total naughty winning. I am changing my status to “In a relationship” with this song, and taking it to bed. Izzy Cox, my dears. This is NOT your crusty uncle’s country music.

Izzy Cox
“Bad Bad Woman” (download mp3)
from “Killing My Kind”
(Dead Art Records)
“Bad Bad Woman” (play)
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Son House, “Mississippi Country Farm Blues”

This scratchy copy of “Mississippi Country Farm Blues” is a window into Son’s oppressive up bringing. A master at creating unusual chord structures, he uses his vocal and guitar to create moving double harmonies. Jack White of White Stripes fame dedicated the White Stripe’s first album to Son House.

Son House – “Mississippi Country Farm Blues

Modern Don Juans Turn Out A Winning Fool

Veterans of the ever thriving Austin, TX music scene, The Modern Don Juans churn up twang-a-licious rockabilly of the highest order. “Turned Out a Fool” is the opening cut from their new brand spanking album, and it is badass. One of songs that makes you do a double take and go wait, is this a cover? Who did the original? In fact, this is one of twelve originals recorded in twelve hours, and put away hot. No gimmicks or production trickery here – this is raw and real, and a whole lot of fun for a fool.

The Modern Don Juans
“Turned Out A Fool” (download mp3)
from “The Modern Don Juans”
(Spinout Records)
“Turned Out A Fool” (play)
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Memphis Jug Band “Cocaine Habit Blues”

The Cocaine Habit Blues” has an upbeat jingle that makes you want to tap your foot along to it as you indulge in its subversive fun. In this number the crisp sound of each jug instrument creates a euphorically happy feeling, as the Memphis Jug Band has musically evoked the effect of a cocaine high. The Memphis Jug Band enjoyed its popularity in the late 1920s into the 1930s and the band was composed of violins, mandolins, washboards, kazoos and jugs among other novelty instruments. The band was unique because its members were always revolving, its only permanent member and leader was Will Shade. Together they recorded over 100 sides and provided the American public with the best in Jug Blues. Enjoy!

Memphis Jug Band – “Cocaine Habit Blues (play/download mp3)