Best. Haircut Song. Evar. EVARR!!!!!

A friend recently posted Wesley Willis’ “Rock And Roll Macdonalds” on FB, and I was thrown into one of my occasional Wesley Willis Total Joyride Spasms. All of his songs are great, and this is one of my faves.

Wesley Willis – “Cut The Mullet” (play/download)

Check out many many of Wesley Willis’ genius songs, at Alternative Tentacles. Your life will suddenly improve.

Wabbit Season!!!

‘Tis the year of the BUNNY and I have found the perfect song to set the fluffy tailed new era bounding and breeding into the fertile green meadows of the future. I present to you bouncing mammals, Comfy Chair, performing their original Opus De Leporidae, “The Wabbit.” Comfy Chair’s fine CD entertainment products may be purchased here. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Eat some lettuce and hop around.

Comfy Chair – “The Wabbit” (mp3)

Electric Vagina – Rock Kings Of Albany

Here’s another good one from the vaults – “Albany” from Best Band Name Award Winner, Electric Vagina. Yes. Not only is it sick and wrong, it is right and great! Why they and even name-drop the Hotsy Totsy – former dive bar and now the coolest club in the east bay. Pop in when you’re touristing.

Electric Vagina – “Albany

(right click, “save as” to download the mp3, or left click to play)