Big Pete Aint All Thumbs When Pickin’ Up Them “Chromatic Crumbs”

Time for a hard left turn into a sweaty jazzy roadhouse of fun. I can’t recall hearing a blues-drenched harmonica rockin’ out with heavy jazz guitar and a smokin’ combo of this variety. It’s natural and fits together beautifully, and it freakin’ makes my afternoon here. Learn somethin’ new about music every day if ya wanna. Possessed of major chops, these players find appropriate occasion to use them on “Chromatic Crumbs.” Sizzling goodness from Big Pete and his band o’ brigands.

Big Pete
“Chromatic Crumbs (feat. John Marx & Alex Schultz)” (download mp3)
from “Choice Cuts”
“Chromatic Crumbs” (play)

Fred McDowell Sings “Fred McDowell’s Blues,” Live And Uncut

Fred McDowell played the blues. He once famously stated, “I do not play no rock and roll.” And when the Rolling Stones covered his “You Got To Move,” they played it uncharacteristically straight up, hardly changing the feel of it. Before he was known as Mississippi Fred McDowell, Alan Lomax visited Fred McDowell and recorded him doing his thing. You want to talk about raw authenticity? This is a solo performance, caught in the location where it was conceived, in monophonic analog reel to reel tape with no effects. Recently mastered up and released to the Digiwebs by Global Jukebox. This is pure treasure.

Fred McDowell
“Fred McDowell’s Blues” (download mp3)
from “Fred McDowell: The Alan Lomax Recordings”
“Fred McDowell’s Blues” (play)
(Global Jukebox)
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The Jim Jones Revue Leaps Offa “High Horse”

In the grand tradition of punk-a-billy goin back to Jerry Lee Lewis and Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (with an intentional or not nod to the calamitous drug mayhem of Brian Jonestown Massacre), this here is some rock n’ roll music. From an excellent new release from The Jim Jones Revue called “Burning Your House Down.” Do it.

The Jim Jones Revue
“High Horse” (download mp3)
from “Burning Your House Down”
“High Horse” (play)
(Punk Rock Blues Records)
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Mighty Sam McClain Stands The Test Of Love

Here is some soul blues you can use, from American legend Mighty Sam McClain. Born in 1943, this Louisiana gentleman started performing at the age of 5 in his mother’s gospel church, and he went pro at 13. You do the math. “Can You Stand The Test Of Love,” is a single off Sam’s new album, “One Drop Is Plenty,” a collaboration with Norwegian blues guitarist Knut Reiersrud, and it’s just brilliant in every way. Enjoy.

Mighty Sam McClain, Knut Reiersrud
“Can You Stand The Test Of Love” (download mp3)
from “One Drop Is Plenty”
“Can You Stand The Test Of Love” (play)
(Valley Entertainment)
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Sons Of The West “Leave Your Home” And Rock

Go west young man. Or east. Anywhere already. Put this on the car stereo and begone. Vamoose. Split. Led Zep worshiping brutacious rock blasting from the planet Oof. Very gnarly. Watch out for the cold abrupt no BS ending. You’ll be air-headbanging as they leave you hanging. Blues metal with a message.

Sons Of The West
“Leave Your Home” (download mp3)
from “Sons Of The West”
“Leave Your Home” (play)
(First of Three Records)
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Doin’ The Twist with Johnny Hoy and the Bluefish

Just back from their time machine trip to the 1950’s, Johnny Hoy & The Bluefish bring some early rock-n-roll, jump/swing rhythm and blues sounds to the present. Piano like Jerry Lee Lewis, vocals like Elvis. These guys would be the band at your Grease-themed wedding, or at that diner in Pulp Fiction. A solemn, slow intro sets it up, then rock ensues. On the swell label.

Johnny Hoy & The Bluefish
“Old Black Joe” (download mp3)
from “Film Noir Angel”
“Old Black Joe” (play)
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The Black Sorrows’ Very Rich “Poor Boy Blues”

Here’s a song so distinctly American you’d never guess from hearing it, the band is from Australia. “Poor Boy Blues” is a single from The Black Sorrows’ critically acclaimed “Beat Club” album. It’s a haunting, soaring performance, beautifully recorded. A GR8 find, check it out.

The Black Sorrows
“Poor Boy Blues” (download mp3)
from “Beat Club”
“Poor Boy Blues” (play)
(Head Records)
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Re-Living a Misspent Youth with Storm Warning

Of the basic themes of blues music, debauchery is one of my favorites. I get to re-live my own “misspent” youth through the songs of bluesmen new and old. I mean going back to the beginning of blues, it’s been booze, broken hearts, meet Satan at crossroads, rinse, repeat. I wouldn’t re-spend my youth any other way. Storm Warning, m’dears, a fine UK electrified blues band, with a cut off their brand new “Strategy” album. Enjoy responsibly.

Storm Warning
“Misspent Youth” (download mp3)
from “Strategy”
“Misspent Youth” (play)
(Lightnin’ Fingers)
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Clean Livin’, Elvin Bishop Style

Veteran blues man Elvin Bishop has more than his share of stories to tell, and remarkably, he’s alive to tell them. Here the man gives us a run down of some of the travails, self-imposed or otherwise, which he has brushed off to play another night. For the uninitiated, Red Dog is Bishop’s trusty electric guitar. “Clean Livin'” is on the “Red Dog Speaks” album. And speak it does.

Elvin Bishop
“Clean Livin'” (download mp3)
from “Red Dog Speaks”
“Clean Livin'” (play)
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