Duke Ellington, “Tiger Rag”

In 1899 Duke Ellington was born into a nurturing middle-class African American family in Washington DC. Ellington first picked up the piano as a teenager. As he started his road to mastering and innovating how the piano can be played, a young and charismatic Ellington never would have imagined that he would grow up to become one of the most influential musicians in America. “Tiger Rag

Tiger Rag (play/download mp3)

Louis Armstrong – “Old Man Mose” (mp3)

Louis Armstrong – “Old Man Mose” (mp3)

A classic recording from the great Louis Armstrong, “Old Man Mose” has a swingin’ beat that will have your feet tappin’. Proving, once again, that jazz is the original American dance music. Enjoy this beautifully remastered song that’s sure to delight a whole new generation of jazz fans.

Billie Holiday “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”

You know that an artist is truly iconic when they have the ability to transport the listener to a magical time and a far off place; Billie Holiday does this eloquently with “They Can’t Take That Away From Me.” Recorded live in the equally iconic Savoy Ballroom on June 30, 1937, she is backed here by another music icon, Count Basie and his Orchestra.

Billie Holiday “They Can’t Take That Away From Me

Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds – “Crazy Blues” mp3

Mamie Smith & Her Jazz Hounds – “Crazy Blues” (mp3)

How crazy is crazy blues? Well, has you ever beens in love? If you has, then you knows! If you hasn’t, then you don’ts. This song is but a preview for the uninitiated, and a calming opiate for those in the know. Oh, that trombone makes my knees buckle. This song was huge hit in its day, and aint no reason you shouldn’t have it in your iPod or whatever gizmo you kids are runnin’ with. Clean mp3 copy on this one, too.