Wheeler Brothers’ Sweet Musical “Portraits”

My, time does fly when we are having fun. It’s sunny and warm in Northern Cali, days fretted with lemonade and water slides. Here’s a twangy singer-songwriter-y deelight that goes well with frolicking barefoot on cool grass. The Wheeler Bro’s are actually brothers (3 of them) who with their mates in Austin, Texas, sing and pluck their gitfiddles and carry on like a real live band. I applaud this of course.

Wheeler Brothers
“Portraits” (download mp3)
from “Portraits”
“Portraits” (play)
(Bismeaux Records)
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Brady Harris Wants To Get Drunk With You

Gosh, grant me the sherenidy, to ‘cept the drinks I cannot have, the courage to drink the onesh I haves, and the wishdom to know the differensh HiC! BUURRRRRPP. Ahem. Now then. Here is Brady Harris with an ode to drunken lovin’, “Drunk With You.” It’s actually a sweet, strangely sober lament, about love and what to do with it.

Brady Harris
“Drunk with You” (download mp3)
from “Acoustic Rewind”
(Golden State Music)
“Drunk With You” (play)
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Jim Sullivan’s Lost “Highways” Found At Last

Jim Sullivan disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Mexico in March of 1975. Whether he was abducted by aliens or not is still open to debate. What is indisputable is that he left behind one masterpiece of a debut album called U.F.O., which became something of a holy grail for record collectors. Phil Spector’s session cats Don Randi, Earl Palmer and Jimmy Bond AKA The Wrecking Crew are all over this lost treasure, recently re-released by Light In The Attic.

Jim Sullivan
“Highways” (download mp3)
from “U.F.O.”
(Light In The Attic)
“Highways” (play)
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Raiding Le Water Tower 4 Buckets o’ Fine Fromage

From the mossy woods of Oregon, descending on Portland with guitars, fiddles and banjos, I present for your enjoyment the Water Tower Bucket Boys. Comical yet foreboding lyrics dance like a care free fool atop a careening locomotive of acoustic roots Americana, with French love interest. Yes. Have a taste of folky “Fromage.”

Water Tower Bucket Boys
“Fromage” (download mp3)
from “Sole Kitchen”
(Cohouse Music)
“Fromage” (play)
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Izzy Cox, “Bad Bad Woman”

Genius, genius. Pure shiny steel gitfiddle glee, plus purty danger babe total naughty winning. I am changing my status to “In a relationship” with this song, and taking it to bed. Izzy Cox, my dears. This is NOT your crusty uncle’s country music.

Izzy Cox
“Bad Bad Woman” (download mp3)
from “Killing My Kind”
(Dead Art Records)
“Bad Bad Woman” (play)
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Breaking Down w/ Bruce Joyner and The Reconstruction’s “Invisible Smile”

Of the many forces in life that drive artists to make art – love, loss, joy, pain and myriad other inspirations – one of my favorites is the post modern angst ridden existential crisis. Who doesn’t have them? Hearing a fellow human articulate same is somehow comforting and cathartic. Funny, even. To that end, I present Atlanta, GA gentlemen Bruce Joyner and The Reconstruction, completely freaking out. A rant, meticulously arranged into a new wave meets prog rock format. Take it away, Bruce.

Bruce Joyner and The Reconstruction
“Invisible Smile” (download mp3)
from “Elements”
(Haunted Lake Records)
“Invisible Smile” (play)
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The Boss Mustangs & “Mrs. McKee”

More rawk. Here is a hormone-overdosed, distortion-saturated slab of roots rock, launched through nitro glycerine-fueled time machine str8 to your earpods. Nazty, dirty good fun from The Boss Mustangs outta Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Boss Mustangs
“Mrs. McKee” (download mp3)
from “Mrs McKee / Hazel Holly (Please Come Back) – Single”
(DJQ Management)
“Mrs. McKee” (play)
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The Krayolas Are The Genuine Article

Here’s some quality swamp boogie from San Antonio rock legends, The Krayolas. They’ve been around on and off for like, forever, and they fkn rock. Musically this reminds of the Stones in their dark, “Midnight Rambler” mode. Très fab.

The Krayolas
“Genuine” (download mp3)
from “Tipsy Topsy Turvy”
(Talking Taco Music)
“Genuine” (play)
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Modern Don Juans Turn Out A Winning Fool

Veterans of the ever thriving Austin, TX music scene, The Modern Don Juans churn up twang-a-licious rockabilly of the highest order. “Turned Out a Fool” is the opening cut from their new brand spanking album, and it is badass. One of songs that makes you do a double take and go wait, is this a cover? Who did the original? In fact, this is one of twelve originals recorded in twelve hours, and put away hot. No gimmicks or production trickery here – this is raw and real, and a whole lot of fun for a fool.

The Modern Don Juans
“Turned Out A Fool” (download mp3)
from “The Modern Don Juans”
(Spinout Records)
“Turned Out A Fool” (play)
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Madison Square Gardeners Innocent Until Proven Rock

Rock alert. Big rock alert. Big, fat late 70’s anthemic mid-tempo rock with giant ass hooks and soul-satisfying harmonies alert! The Madison Square Gardeners from Brooklyn, NY channel a sort of Tom Petty wide open skies sound through a more urban, post modern filter to produce a beast of a track. This is classic rock that sounds fresh and new, with a bittersweet and poignant lyric. The arrangement is perfect, the vocals are gr8, it’s all there – this is a hit in my book.

The Madison Square Gardeners
“Innocent” (download mp3)
from “Teeth Of Champions”
(First of Three Records)
“Innocent” (play)
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