Turning On and Tuning In with VOWLS

VOWLS – “Waking” mp3

Prepare thyself, musical adventurer, for a trip down this swirling psychedelic rabbit hole from Toronto’s lovely VOWLS. Treading softly on the mossy cool rocks of Beatles “Dear Prudence” and “Tomorrow Never Knows” territory, swinging deftly from the vines of Brian Eno’s ambient jungle wonderland, this is, my dears, music for tripping balls. A magnificent blend of old school instruments and effects, seamlessly combine with modern electronic production techniques to form a consciousness-altering potion of the most pleasant variety. Bye now.

“Waking” (mp3)
from “In Consonance, Pt. 1”

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Enter Lusine’s Emerald Forest

Lusine – “Emerald” mp3

Here’s a cool instrumental ‘lectronic number that just floats my boat on this rainy Oakland morning. A skilled labor of machine music love by Seattle based IDM/Ambient/Techno-popper Lusine, “Emerald” slathers warm keyboard swells over a hypnotic euro-pop base, with elegant drum breaks sprinkled in throughout to complete the picture. I’m looping it for a while as a sort of soundtrack to the opening credits to my day here. The sounds are beautifully constructed – definitely on the ear-friendly, soothing side of modern electronica. A lovely glowing audio cocoon.

“Emerald” (mp3)
from “Lucky Numbers: The Ghostly International EPs”
(Ghostly International)

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When BROOKHAVEN’s Chorus Walks

BROOKHAVEN – “In June” mp3

Here’s a lovely instrumental track from Oakland, CA’s BROOKHAVEN, in their own ambient drone guitar style. It’s as if Joy Division left their angst at home and spent a nice afternoon with Brian Eno and some mild psychedelics. Exceedingly warm and inviting, like a sort of luminescent cocoon. You go in one side as an uncertain caterpillar, to emerge confident and beautiful 6:38 later as a well rested butterfly. Thank you, BROOKHAVEN.

“In June” (mp3)
from “When The Chorus Walks”
(Expel Records)

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