Matt & Kim kick yr butt and u like it!

Matt & Kim – “Yea Yeah”

Matt & Kim have been described as “the baddest couple in indie rock” and I can’t argue. Seething with new wave lust and fun, with just the right amount of angst, this is a spicy hot stick of bubble gum that grew a mind of its own and popped while still in your mouth. Don’t take my word for it. Download and enjoy, and swoop the record. Details below. You may place chocolates at my feet.

Matt & Kim
“Yea Yeah” (mp3)
from “Self Titled”

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Oranger goes under to take us higher

Oranger – “Going Under”

One of my first discoveries as a music blogger was this fantastic San Francisco indie pop rock band called Oranger. Their songs are so good, and they deliver them old school.  That is, they are a tight, actual (as opposed to virtual!) band, with real arrangement skills, and they play and sing their work with a joy and love for it that you can taste. This song is juicy gold.

“Going Under” (mp3)
from “Shutdown the Sun”
(Jackpine Social Club)

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