Surviving DUI Friday With Fishbone

How was your weekend? Did you go out on DUI Friday? It’s Sunday, are you putting it all back together again? Well most of us have been there. Here’s an epic track from Fishbone, off their brand new record, all about the potential benefits of not finding your keys. Din turned me onto this – he’s got the title track “Crazy Glue” up at his blog. Some 30 years into an unbroken stream of tours, albums, triumphs and struggles, the ‘bone has created another gr8 record. It comes out officially on Oct. 11. I’ll drink to that.

“DUI Friday” (mp3)
from “Crazy Glue”
“DUI Friday” (play)
(Cockroach Media)
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Big Troubles’s Pleasant “Misery”

If you could bottle the feeling of a cloudy overcast day, cough syrup and a crush, it would sound like this. Romantic Comedy is a perfectly named album from Big Troubles. They’re all emo fuzzy pretty and the singer sounds like Billy Corgan might, if he weren’t so.. Billy Corgan. This song is about having fun, and it’s called “Misery.”

Big Troubles
“Misery” (download mp3)
from “Romantic Comedy”
“Misery” (play)
(Slumberland Records)
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Radiation City and “The Color of Industry”

Who wouldn’t want to live in Radiation City? Everything glows in the dark, and plants mutate and grow teeth and go all Little Shop Of Horrors when you walk by. It’s a great place to live and find inspiration, as evidenced by this band which takes its name from the fair city. Here’s their single, “The Color of Industry” – hot off the presses from Tender Loving Empire. Although the harmonies nod to Motown and Northern Soul, the production is refreshingly original. Very sweet.

Radiation City
“The Color of Industry” (download mp3)
from “The Hands That Take You”
“The Color Of Industry” (play)
(Tender Loving Empire)
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Disguised As Birds Wipe Black Circles From Their Eyes To Rock Another Day

People start rock bands. They start them, and they practice, and write songs, and rock out. They do this for fun, and whatever else motivates them – generally the hope of applause and fame and money and great boatloads of sex. Why not? Disguised As Birds are an indie rock band, caterwauling their message over crashing iron waterfalls of guitars, bass and drums. They’re from Milwaukee, WI. They make a lot of beer in Milwaukee, too. Which is convenient, because so much rock and roll is made by young men ingesting vats of the stuff. The beat goes on. “Black Circles” is the title track from this new EP, just out on Phratry Records. I loves it, yes I do.

Disguised As Birds
“Black Circles” (download mp3)
from “Black Circles – EP”
“Black Circles” (play)
(Phratry Records)

The Redettes’ Ode To Bounce, Bulge & Ball

As my mp3 sleuthing ninja hero Dan ‘splained, “The Redettes are a beacon of the spirit of college radio.” With an intro like that I had to tune in. Shonuff they resemble a warehouse party band doing an impression of the Pogues meets Gogol Bordello having spasms with a double necked guitar. Here is their wee epic, “The Bounce, The Bulge & The Ball” which one assumes is about The Bounce, The Bulge & The Ball.

The Redettes
“The Bounce, The Bulge & The Ball” (download mp3)
from “Ed”
“The Bounce The Bulge The Ball” (play)
(Phratry Records)

Jesus On Extasy’s “Assassinate Me” Is Killin Me

Titles matter, and I was a fan of Jesus On Extasy before I heard their music. All they needed to do to not lose me is not disappoint. Oh my but do they live up to their name. Club bouncing, electro-clashing decadent drug sex, my dears. Their remix of KMFDM’s “Assassinate Me” is a fucken anthem. Not PTA approved.

Jesus On Extasy
“Assassinate Me” (download mp3)
from “Holy Beauty”
“Assassinate Me” (play)
(Artoffact Records)
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East Bay Ray Raises The Stakes Again

Ah, East Bay Ray, famed Dead Kennedy and innovator of surf punky guitar madness, is back in a new group bearing his name. This is good for the universe. So what does it sound like? Like a guy from the Dead Kennedys, playing guitar in a new band called East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles! I mean it sounds exactly like that. Killer. I’m smiling.

East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles
“Raising the Stakes” (download mp3)
from “East Bay Ray and The Killer Smiles”
“Raising The Stakes” (play)
(MVD Audio)
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Sea Of Bees See Gnomes Bein’, Seen?

You’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re not even in the midwest. These Gnomes done hath crawled off the lawn. They are gone, baby, gone. Carried off by a Sea Of Bees. Fly, be free.

Sea of Bees
“Gnomes” (download mp3)
from “Gnomes b/w Don’t Fear the Reaper”
“Gnomes” (play)
(Crossbill Records)

Dead Black Hearts’ Dismal Beauty

Very dark yet bright. Shimmeringly bleak. A world of contradictions. A soul at war. Dead Black Hearts peer under the hood of that strange vehicle the human, and report back.

Dead Black Hearts
“Ambush!” (download mp3)
from “The Southern Front”
“Ambush!” (play)
(MONOLATHE Recordings)
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The Great Book of John appeals, “Let Me Slide”

Ah the big bigness of big strummy indie rocky post-Radiohead doom-bliss. Yes. The Great Book of John hail from Birmingham, Alabama and “Let Me Slide” is a single off their latest and gr8est. It’s quite big and beautiful. Hello instant band crush.

The Great Book of John
“Let Me Slide” (download mp3)
from “The Great Book of John”
“Let Me Slide” (play)
(Communicating Vessels)