The Wedding Present, “You Jane”

Formed in 1985, The Wedding Present have had a tumultuous ride on the music roller-coaster. From success with their DIY-self-releases, to “selling-out” to BMI in the late 80s, The Wedding Present is still here kicking out radio-ready pop, spiked with post UK punk attitude.

The Wedding Present
“You Jane” (download mp3)
from “You Jane”
You Jane” (play)

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Dinosaur Jr, “I Want You To Know”

2009 saw the release of the first Dinosaur Jr. album in 4 years titled: Farm. Like most songs off Farm, “I Want You To Know” draws on the original Dinosaur Jr. sound – distorted vocals, melodic guitar solos, and heartfelt lyrics. It’s easy to see why in the 80’s Dinosaur Jr. was one of the bands that built the alt-rock stage, influencing alt-rock giants like Pearl Jam.

I Want You To Know (play/download)

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Sick Figures, “Graveyard Swagger”

Sick Figures, who are signed to Stick Figure records, are recording songs that conceptually are leaps ahead of most bands. Sick Figures maintains their raucous, saloonish type of rock and roll, a sound that translates into a fun loving debauchery that is had buy all. Listen to their latest album, Two Ghost here.

Graveyard Swagger (play/download mp3)

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Take A Trip Round Mr Kellogg’s House With Coney Island Sound

Pretty dark fun bright trippy slipping beat ponderances and glitch treats from Coney Island Sound. Their name fits their music – they’re all about that beachfront ancient arcade machines rusting see breeze blowing ocean sounds blending with esoteric entertainment devices and someone over there kissing. It’s good.

Coney Island Sound
“Introducing Mr Kellogg” (download mp3)
from “Songs From A Bedroom – A Regular Beat Compilation”
“Introducing Mr Kellogg” (play)
(Regular Beat Recording)
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The Fashion Slaves’ Beautiful Styrofoam World

Taking a page from Devo and a chapter from Alice In Wonderland, Berkeley’s Fashion Slaves let the styrofoam cat out of the styrofoam bag with their first mp3 release. It’s short and sweet and crispy and fun I can’t get that riff outta my styrofoam head. NY art rock, gone hella east bay. I love it.

The Fashion Slaves
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The Fashion Slaves – “Styrofoam” (mp3)
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

Merry Hell Laments “The War Between Ourselves”

UK folk rockers Merry Hell use 80’s big rock post punk gloriousness as a parchment on which to scrawl their indictment of humanity. It couldn’t be more serious, and I’d dismiss it with an “oh, please!” if it weren’t so fully realized. “The War Between Ourselves” is a perfectly naive, hopeful, desperate plea for us all to do things better. We need to hear things like that some time. After what I saw here in Oakland last night, I’m all ears!

Merry Hell
“The War Between Ourselves” (download mp3)
from “Blink…and you miss it”
“The War Between Ourselves” (play)
(Mrs Casey Records)
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Oh Goody, A New Mommyheads Record

The Mommyheads are a true indie rock national treasure, and they are one of my own personal favorite bands. Adam Elk (AKA Adam Cohen) is an exceptional singer-songwriter, and his band has always been made up of the highest level of players. This single is off their brand new album called “Delicate Friction.” It’s genius, it’s sweet, it’s beautiful. It describes a world I want to live in, and it puts me there. What more can I want from a record? Thank you, Mommyheads.

The Mommyheads
“Another Crowded House” (download mp3)
from “Delicate Friction”
“Another Crowded House” (play)
(Dromedary Records)
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Royal Treatment Plant Peels The Band Aid On “Battle Scars”

Plenty of men have said that women are all the same. Joe Jackson even put it in a popular song in the 80’s. God I hated that song. And I like me some JJ. But! It seems, if I am not mistaken, that we now have a gender reversal on the same topic. More women have made the claim that all men are the same, evidenced by their behavior in relationships. This driving little indie rocker from Royal Treatment Plant features a female lead vocal, reviewing her relationship “Battle Scars” and refraining “you’re all the same, you’re all the same, you’re all the same, but not on MY time!” And it rocks. Or I wouldn’t post it.

Royal Treatment Plant
“Battle Scars” (download mp3)
from “Halfway To The Sun”
“Battle Scars” (play)
(Tip Top Recordings)
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Kid Dakota’s Frightfully Honest “Dawn Did Us Part”

Emo often? Here is some bittersweet sap from the tree of loneliness, lovingly harvested from the oceanic bleakness of post-breakup woe. Yes. And it’s a good piece of music, too. Eminently sad and cavernous, like Radiohead stops with all the metaphors and just says it plainly and literally. The opening line is priceless.

Kid Dakota
“Dawn Did Us Part” (download mp3)
from “Listen to the Crows as They Take Flight”
“Dawn Did Us Part” (play)
(Graveface Records)

Synaptic Soul Throws A Rolling Stone From Left Field

One wonders, when one sees a title like “Rolling Stone” by a group calling itself Synaptic Soul, just what to expect. But I promise you, I guarantee you, this is not anything you would expect. A very odd and delicious mix of musical styles, and a splendidly quirky lyric. I want to say it’s like.. like.. no I can’t come up with anything. It’s really strange and original. Weirdly uplifting, unique and brilliant.

Synaptic Soul
“Rolling Stone” (download mp3)
from “Awake”
“Rolling Stone” (play)
(Synaptic Soul)