Frenchy’s String Band, “Sunshine Special”

Before Ford Motor Company created the Sunshine Special, and before it was FDR’s official Presidential limousine, Frenchy’s String Band recorded “Sunshine Special” for the Columbia Records label. This is a vary rare mp3 from a band that has little by way of documented history. Recorded in Texas 1928-ish, Sunshine Special’s rhythm slowly oozes along like an armadillo crossing the scorching highway pavement in the hot Texas sun.

Sunshine Special (play/download mp3)

Paradise, “Diary of an Old Soul”

Paradise maintains a 60’s psychedelic aesthetic and rhythm that complements their rambunctious new wave inspired sound. Paradise are Portland’s current “home-town-heros” and “Diary of an Old Soul” objectively proves why. Download and get ready to joyously explode because this mp3 is nothin’ but fun!

“Diary of an Old Soul” (download mp3)
“Diary of an Old Soul” (play)
(Luvvers Club)

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Johnny Dodds, “Blue Piano Stomp”

Johnny Dodds was one of the greatest clarinetist of the turn of the 20th century. The list of musicians that he played with are an who’s-who of jazz legends, and after playing with Louis Armstrong’s ensamble, Dodds moved to Chicago and started his own band, the Johnny Dodds’ Trio. “Blue Piano Stomp” one of their earlier recordings from 1928. This number has some blues-y elements and swings with elegant improvisation as the trio plays notes that dance with each other like they’re at a Chicago formal.

Blue Piano Stomp (play/download mp3)

New Bleeders, “Ox Blood”

I’m loving this new angst-y new wave mp3, “Ox Blood.” The New Bleeders are from Belgium and that’s about all you are going to find out about them. I believe they are too busy writing songs that will have you mentally crawling up the walls, and don’t have time to do any sort of PR/Marketing type stuff.

New Bleeders
“Ox Blood” (download mp3)
(Kinky Star Records)
Ox Blood” (play)
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Junior Toots, “Ready To Come Over”

Junior Toots isn’t just a nod to one of the most successful reggae bands; Junior Toots is Toots Hibbert’s son, lead singer and founder of Toots and the Maytals. This is Junior’s first album, and from the sound of it Junior has lifted his genetically programed gift of song writing into the Bob Marley caste. “Ready To Come Over” is a song about the return to the land of King Selassie I, covets all the righteousness of Jah rastafari.

Junior Toots
“Ready To Come Over” (download mp3)
from “A Little Bit of Love”
(Crown of Fire Records)
Ready To Come Over (play)


Bishop Allen going “Dimmer”

Brooklyn by way of Boston, Bishop Allen is a quartet named after the street in Cambridge MA were the two founding members, Justin Rice and Christian Rudder, started writing songs. And like any hip young band on the East Coast, they relocated to Brooklyn. “Dimmer” is the opening track from the 2009 album Grrr… and is everything indie rock represents: sweat lyrics, soft acoustics, and hipster accessible.

Dimmer (play/download mp3)

Visit BA’s website to see what comes next.

Dirty raw funk

Do you think 4 white guys from Ohio can’t play funk? Think again cause some of the dirtiest-stripped-down-raw-daddy funk being made today are the product of 4-white dudes from Ohio called The Jive Turkeys. The “B.A. – Single” is beautifully recorded and flawlessly mixed, receiving nods from the who’s-who of the funk world — mainly Wax Poetics. But when you swing as heavy as The Jive Turkeys do, expect the professional recognition reserved only for bands of their caliber.

The Jive Turkeys
“B.A.” (download mp3)
from “B.A. – Single”
(Colemine Records)
B.A. (play)
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Jaybird Coleman, “Mistreatin’ Mama”

Mistreatin’ Mama” is one of the templates of the modern blues sound, and it was covered by a litany of blues legends like: Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, and Leadbelly. Jaybird Coleman, armed with only a harmonica and a mono microphone – you can feel him pouring his soul into every note of “Mistreatin’ Mama.” Remastered from the original 78, there still remains a slow turning crackle that adds authenticity to this iconic mp3.

Mistreatin’ Mama (play/download mp3)

Supreme Beings Of Leisure, “Never the Same”

Supreme Beings of Leisure’s “Never the Same” is a beautifully crafted mp3 that is groovy, cinematic, and funky, all at the same time. Not to go all Pandora on you, but if you liked Moby’s 1999 album Play, then you’ll love “Never the Same.”

Never the Same (play/download mp3)

Listen to more Supreme Beings Of Leisure on Epitonic.

William Moore, “One Way Gal”

William Moore’s 78s are collector items. His music has been covered by a linty of modern blues and rock groups. And his music has been sampled by hip-hop and electronic producers. “One Way Gal” – a song that was sampled in hip-hop – is a gentle tune that William sings with the up-most sincerity. Recorded in Chicago late January 1928.

“One Way Gal” (play/download mp3)