Modwheelmood has their eyes on Tone

Modwheelmood – “Sunday Morning”

Some recording artists go the extra distance with their “tones” – that elusive word that sound geeks and engineers use to describe the obsessed over processed sounds of the drums, guitars, bass keys and anything else they dump on a record. Here we have some masters of the craft – I could wax geekily about the guitar sound or the snare or any part of this. In the end, the pieces all fit like they were meant to be together.  Sonically rich and mood affecting, this is gloom music for happy people. Or happy music for depressed people! In any case it is such a rich and lovely soundscape you can practically feel the fog of London or the wind of Chicago on a directionless Sunday morning. Me like.

“Sunday Morning” (mp3)
from “Pearls to Pigs, Vol. 2”

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