Modern Skirts’ “Gramahawk” A Must-Have Indie Gem

YAY! Modern Skirts are back in 2011! Their latest release finds my Athens, GA heroes in the throes of breakup anxiety – uncertain of the future, yet thrilled by the possibilities. They recorded this in their homes, on four track cassette tapes. You might not guess that from the gorgeous sound of the final product. Fools try for days to make their digital recordings sound as raw and fun. Having read the liner notes, I gather “Gramahawk” may be the Modern Skirts’ last testimony. Or, hopefully, it will prove to be a transition into more wonderful music. Either way, it’s a gr8 record, full of life and energy.

Modern Skirts
“Happy 81” (download mp3)
from “Gramahawk”
“Happy 81” (play)
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