Mike Love, Not War! From My 1st MP3 Love, Oranger

Oranger – “Mike Love, Not War” mp3

One of the first bands I ever discovered as a direct result of teh Internets, was a San Francisco psychedelic power pop outfit called Oranger. It was 1999 and I was partying like Prince. My early broadband connection was expensive and janky, but I found out you could download a thing called an mp3 file and that indie bands were posting their songs legally for free so they could have a prayer of getting heard. Fascinated, I began searching for something juicy, not  aware that it would become a daily obsession for years to follow. Within an hour I was listening to Oranger’s unforgettable “Eggtooth,” which I later re-posted when I made the leap to posting one gr8 song a day.  Here now is another delightful track from this irreverent and talented quintet, who always seemed more concerned with their artistic output than with trying to fit into any marketable niche. The title, “Mike Love, Not War” actually describes their sound and humor, quite succinctly. Google “Mike Love” if it doesn’t make sense, kiddies, and soon you will understand. Peace.

“Mike Love, Not War” (mp3)
from “Doorway To Norway”
(Amazing Grease Records)

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