Michael DeVellis’ “Continuous Mix” Rocks the Party 4 Evar!

Michael DeVellis – “Continuous Mix” mp3

Time 2 get funkay, b!tchez. Some music is made for one thing – to get down, get loose, shake your money maker and have a party. Serving the needs of deejay disco lovin’ peeps from pole to pole, live via Interwebs I give you a nightclub in a bottle, just add speakers and put on your boogie shuz. This is like a trip thru the 70’s on a magic turntable hot tub time machine with a clavinet and Mr. Bubble. Michael DeVellis’ hugely generous “Continuous Mix” is continuous alright, weighing it at over 21 minutes of ever-morphing funky sonic bliss. Party on.

Michael DeVellis
“Continuous Mix” (mp3)
from “Same Ole’ Thang EP”
(Pockit Records)

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