Meet the New Age, same as the Old Age

Conni St. Pierre – “Midheaven at Midwinter”

What’s this? A blatantly New Age mp3 on yours truly SuperFan’s own site? But yes! We’re coming together, converging if you will, harmonically, mystically, cosmically, on the astral plane for a flying dream and heavenly feast. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or Indigenous People’s Day or lament the Turkey-opalypse, here’s some soothing meandering flutes and gamelan bell sounding plunky plunks that pussyfoot around in circles before flopping contentedly in front of the fire for a purr. And remember, if anyone asks you who won Yoga, it was a tie.

Conni St. Pierre
“Midheaven at Midwinter” (mp3)
from “Beyond The Sky: Legends Of The Starry Night”

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