Mattie Delaney – “Tallahatchie River Blues”

The legend of Mattie Delaney is as mysterious as her vocals. In the male driven Delta blues genre she succeeded as one of the only women to release recordings in the early twentieth century. You can even say that Miss Delaney was well before her time, as she was one of the first women to sing about social conditions and current events ‚Äî songs referred to at the time as topical songs. “The Tallahatchie River Blues” expresses the desperation Delaney and other people of her region felt during the Tallahatchie River floods. I don’t know what became of Mattie Delaney, but she did leave behind her haunting voice and the sound of her badass guitar.

Mattie Delaney – “Tallahatchie River Blues (play/download mp3)