Matthews Southern Comfort sez “Touch Her If You Can”

Matthews Southern Comfort – “Touch Her If You Can”

There are a number of labels popping up lately who specialize in digitizing vinyl records from decades gone by and making them available for new music fans to enjoy. You can call that a major service to humanity, a labor of love, or just smart business! Cos it’s a gold mine, really. Two such labels that deserve big props in this dept. are Light In The Attic and ItsAboutMusic.

Matthews Southern Comfort
“Touch Her If You Can” (mp3)
from “Scion”

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This track I just found from an artist called Matthews Southern Comfort, whom I’ve never heard of before, is a real gem of southern country folk rock. Nashville’esque production and a Grateful Dead dancing barefoot with flowers in hair attitude, frame some clever lyrics that stand the test of time as more than just a summer of love cliché. Plus this guy has a lovely singing voice. Sort of a friendlier, not as tragically damaged Cat Stevens warble. Check it out!