Marching Band – “It Will Never Slip” (mp3)

Marching Band – “It Will Never Slip”

From their latest album, “Pop Cycle,” the single “It Will Never Slip” from Swedish duo Marching Band is a bittersweet pop gem. Recorded as it was during “the two most miserable winter months of the year in Stockholm,” it’s no surprise the tracks crackle with something beyond restlessness. There’s a certain claustrophobic beauty to it, if you can imagine that, an intimate quality like a small crew of Antarctic explorers singing to keep their morale up as they wait for the spring thaw. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness? This record does both, and the results are lovely.

Marching Band
“It Will Never Slip” (mp3)
from “Pop Cycle”
(U & L Records, Inc.)

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