Mad Genius TOPR Raves On

TOPR – “Hornet Skull” mp3

TOPR is someone whose life is his art, whose art is a byproduct of his life. On his l8est release, “L. Ron Hustler” he lays it all out. It’s a nihilistic piece of lucid insanity, full of hilarity and mayhem. On the track that closes the album, “Hornet Skull,” he gives up, triumphantly, if that is possible, he resigns, he stands resigned, as the wreckage of his life and career burns at his feet. Somehow he stands above it, warming his hands on the fire. A str8 mid-tempo rock beat evolves into a slippery hip-hop groove for this rap-ocalypse, as TOPR rides into the sunset on a mad horse made of sex, drugs, and rap and roll. He’ll be back.

“Hornet Skull” (mp3)
from “L. Ron Hustler”
(Gurp City Digital)

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