Loving Thunder’s Thunderous Loving

Before heavy metal was called “metal” and got all speeded up, it sounded heavy – like great shards of metal colliding and melting together in the sky. Loving Thunder‘s music is like that. This sonically massive title track from their “Photographing the Wild” album is a stunner. Very Seattle in the guitar department. There’s still something in the water there which makes electric guitars sound more beastly and immense. The drums and riffs are more Zep than Nirvana, and the vocal is delivered in a beautifully creepy octave harmony like monks gone to the dark side. A quote on their myspace says simply, “The future, as envisioned by teenage stoners, in the 70’s.” Pretty f00kin accurate.

Loving Thunder
“Photographing the Wild” (download mp3)
from “Photographing the Wild”
(Hot Dog City Record Co.)
Photographing the Wild (play)

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