Liquid Stranger is a Soundboy Killa

Liquid Stranger – “Soundboy Killa”

It is impossible for a song to live up to its title better than this one does. What an impeccable track. I can’t get it off of repeat! I do this sometimes, just leave a song on for an hour, all day even. It changes the room, like a coat of paint, more effective and safer than any drug, the sophisticated choice for a mood altering experience. I love music, I love music, and all it takes for me to remember how acutely, is a gr8 new song discovery to drink up. Liquid Stranger has provided me the perfect elixir for this fine Cali Friday. Enjoy, and have a lovely weekend. Soundbwoi Killaaaa!

Liquid Stranger
“Soundboy Killa” (mp3)
from “The Intergalactic Slapstick”
(Interchill Records)

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