Lee “Scratch” Perry as Santa Claus

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Santa Claus”

It seems Lee “Scratch” Perry‘s musical evolution will never stop. Jamaican music innovator number one, Perry has from the early 60’s to the present been a core author of the operating systems for ska, reggae, and dub, spawning myriad sub-genres and altering the perceptions and priorities of generations of fans and musicians world wide. Quite a resume. Now on, like, his ten thousandth LP or something, “madman scratchy” has a new release on the lovely Narnack Records label. This track, a wild riff on Perry’s already wild “Having A Party” which I posted earlier, is closer to a dubby downtempo or house vibe than the Reggae based work he’s most famous for. But the unique voice and mind bending take on life are instantly recognizable as no one else’s. Here’s holiday music of a kind I promise you, you have never heard before. Santa Claus is coming, so catch Scratchy on his short US tour they just announced, and be good!


Lee “Scratch” Perry
Narnack Records

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