Led To Sea’s “Is This the Last Time” A Must-Hear

Here’s a showstopper from Seattle, WA’s Led To Sea. Led To Sea is the solo vehicle of violist/violinist L. Alex Guy, expertly backed here by percussionist Paul Kikuchi and cellist Lori Goldston. “Is This the Last Time” is a fearless reflection on the anatomy of a breakup, told in a seamless pairing of lyrics and musical metaphor. To dream up a thing like this is one thing. To rehearse and perfect and deliver it with effortless clarity, is quite another. It’s a small miracle that with all the classical chops on display here, such a work of composition and arrangement ends up sounding innocent, and pop. Genius.

Led To Sea
“Is This the Last Time” (download mp3)
from “Into the Darkening Sky”
(Scary Trophy)
“Is This the Last Time” (play)
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