Kaleta, Zozo Afrobeat’s superb “Get Up”

Kaleta, Zozo Afrobeat – “Get Up”

This interpretation of the Wailers’ anthem “Get Up, Stand Up,” is a tight, clean recording of a contemporary afrobeat ensemble in full swing. When Fela Kuti and his veritable army of Nigerian musicians blended James Brown style funk and African rhythms to create their instantly identifiable sound, I wonder if they had any notion of how many musicians they would eventually inspire. Today there are afrobeat bands popping up all around the globe, each bringing its own twist to this triumphant and joyously defiant music. This track is gr8, the instrumental work is top notch, even as the raw intent behind both the composition and style are preserved.

Kaleta, Zozo Afrobeat
“Get Up” (mp3)
from “The Rough Guide to Afrobeat Revolution”
(Rough Guides/World Music Network)

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