Julianna Hatfield – “Peace and Love”

The ever prolific Julianna Hatfield releases another collection of achingly introspective yet strangely triumphant original songs. Abandoning the indie rock bass/drums/guitar format that has been her canvas since her youthful debut in The Blake Babies, she’s also dropped all the pop production tricks to leave her sweet voice (well, plus a nice harmony overdub) and spare guitar accompaniment uncluttered and free. At once surrendering to fate, and demanding its cooperation, she opens her heart with the innocence of a child and the wisdom of an old soul on the opening track, “Peace and Love”. This is some really raw and vulnerable stuff, and it would be a cliché except she’s right, and you can tell she really means it. I’m touched.

Juliana Hatfield
“Peace and Love” (download mp3)
from “Peace & Love”
(Ye Olde Records)
“Peace and Love” (play)

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