“Johnny B. Goode” by Chuck Berry on mp3 (yes, really!)

Did I just find Chuck Berry’s hits “Maybellene,” “Memphis” and more, on a new comp, available as legal DRM-free mp3? And they had the generosity and sense to make  “Johnny B. Goode” a free promo track? Catch me! I give you, ladies and gents, one of the greatest singles of all time, by the man who probably more than anyone else deserves credit for inventing rock and roll. This sounds as joyous and powerful now as it did in 1958. What an amazing song, cut live in the studio (that’s the only way technology allowed back then!) with guitar, upright piano, drums and bass, and Chuck Berry wailing out over the top.

Chuck Berry
“Johnny B. Goode” (download mp3)
from “The Essential Collection”
(Spectra Records)”Johnny B. Goode

This mp3 is no longer available