Jelly Roll Morton – “Smoke House Blues” mp3

Jelly Roll Morton – “Smoke House Blues” (mp3)

jellyroll100Sassy piano sounds fill the room while listening to one of the first great composer and piano player of Jazz, Jelly Roll Morton. ¬†With a charismatic and driven spirit, Jelly Roll Morton worked as a piano player in a whorehouse as a teenager, a pimp, and even a comedian before coming a well known member of his band Red Hot Peppers. ¬†In¬† this song ‚ÄúSmokehouse Blues,” you can hear his composing at his best. From the engaging sound of the piano throughout the song to the resonating solos of the other instruments, ‚ÄúSmokehouse Blues‚Äù really throws you back into the times of the late 20s. ¬†