JBB’s Reggae Jam Band love affair

John Brown’s Body – “Give Yourself Over”

Rooted in classic reggae, yet crackling with contemporary sounds from top to bottom, this uplifting track by John Brown’s Body is a joyous outcry of defiance against inertia and apathy. There is little doubt where these Ithaca, NY gentlemen are coming from: they LOVE reggae, serving up their modernized version with reverence and an exuberance that can’t be denied. They can really play their instruments too – refreshing in a genre largely given to pure digital productions of late. The rhythm section is tight behind the vocals, the horn parts are dub glorious, and a jazzy guitar solo near the end tips their hand as equal part jam band. Good summertime music if I ever heard any.

John Brown’s Body
“Give Yourself Over” (mp3)
from “Amplify”
(Easy Star Records)

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