Jason Ricci brings New Blood to Blues

Jason Ricci And New Blood – “Done With The Devil”

Jason Ricci And New Blood is one of those artists I just need to shout about to anyone who will listen. Listen to their music, yes, it’s great, but also, to get the full picture, read these album notes. This is not blues for a museum, this is living, breathing, reveling and rebelling blues in our time. With an openly gay and punkily flamboyant lead singer, and a completely kick ass blues rock combo, these guys are destroying every stereotype in their path and having the time of their lives doing it.  This track is brilliant and the speaking in tongues at the end of this track is precious.

Jason Ricci And New Blood
“Done With The Devil” (mp3)
from “Done With The Devil”
(Eclecto Groove Records)

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