Is it hot in here? Or is it Sex 4 Moderns?

October. Hottest month of the year in Cali. Appropriate then that Fun Fun Fun Recordings would release the digital debut of the long rumored but seldom heard Sex 4 Moderns album, in fall of ’09. The single “I’m Frying” sizzles and bursts, as singer-songwriter John Hanes intones in his sexy bass voice, like “an underground nuclear blast.” Hanes, you see, is like Lou Reed meets Barry White on an overdose of Love Potion Number Nine. Nearly every song on this record is a poetic ode to sex. I bought the album from the iTunes store and can’t get enough. “Swallow,” “Candy Dish” and “Penetrating Love Ray” are highlights, plus the highly original “Mr. Ed” – a personal identity revelation built around the 1950’s television talking horse – is a stunner.  Lead guitarist Steve Kirk’s angular, explosive riffing lends an urgency to the solid rhythm section work on every track. Add producer Matthew King Kaufman’s power pop sensibilities and Michael Rosen’s thunderous engineering work, and the sum is this Gr8 undiscovered rock album. I’m proud to share it with you here.

Sex 4 Moderns
“I’m Frying” (download mp3)
from “Sex 4 Moderns”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

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Sex 4 Moderns – “I’m Frying” (play)