Ink & Dagger’s eponymous epitaph, “Creatures Like Us”

Ink & Dagger – “Creatures Like Us” mp3

Enter the ecstatic, end-it-all goth-fest of Ink & Dagger. Vampire punks to the end, this Philadelphia band released four albums, toured extensively, vomited on Christmas trees, drenched themselves in fake blood, and generally upset their fans’ parents. Their records sound loud even at low volumes, stuffed with belligerent yet sexy grunge metal guitar riffs, all infused with their own unique take on life. “Creatures Like Us,” the title track from their farewell album, delivers Ink & Dagger’s message and sound in a deliciously dangerous 3 minute pill.

Ink & Dagger
“Creatures Like Us” (mp3)

from “Ink & Dagger”
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