“I’m So Glad” Flajzzza posted this mp3!

Flajzzza – “Radisno tak (I’m so glad)

Rocking the party all the way from the Ukraine, Flajzzza brings a truckload of musical influences from east and west to create their own exciting and unique take on hip-hop. This rocks – the music is so inventive and fun, and the lyric flows are brilliant, not that I understand a word of it, but “I’m So Glad” sounds positive enough!  This is truly international pop, with elements of dancehall, jazz, modern rock and 70’s latin funk a’la Eric Burdon and WAR. It all fits together seamlessly and wouldn’t sound more contemporary if it came out next week. I love the Interfishnets.

“Radisno tak! (I’m so glad)” (mp3)
from “Zasmaga Na Serce”
(Comp Music Ltd)

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