K’Naan – “I Was Stabbed By Satan” mp3

Dramatic headline, yes, but I had to get your attention. For the record, K’Naan is the real deal. The exploding buzz around this young Somalian expatriate is entirely justified by the quality of his output. His music is fearlessly original and widely accessible, with lyrics that are nothing less than profound. You’d never guess that English is K’Naan’s second language, but indeed, he mastered it by studying and emulating the hip-hop and rock artists that he loved as a kid. Check his media rich website, and illuminating wikipedia article for some background. This mp3 is gr8, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. This is a major, major talent, and he’s going to be a big star. For all the right reasons.

K’Naan – “I Was Stabbed By Satan” (play)

“I Was Stabbed By Satan” (download mp3)
from “The Dusty Foot Philosopher”
(Interdependent Media)

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Update, Sep. 23 – Wouldn’t you know it! K’Naan and J. Period have made a tribute to Bob Dylan, Fela Kuti, and Bob Marley. Read about it on Henry Adaso’s about.com blog. Makes sense. Gotta hear that one too.