I-Plant sings the praises of Medicinal 420

Marijuana has been legal for medicinal purposes here in the state of California since the passing in 1996 of Prop 215, and pot dispensaries and clubs have popped up everywhere in its wake as growers further perfect myriad finely cultivated strains of pungent buds. This is therefor, a good place to live if you have such needs, and as it happens, downtown Oakland near my place of residence is the capital of the pot club world! Along with a number of these specialty pharmacies, there’s even a new college offering “Quality Training for the Cannabis Industry” which takes its name from the neighborhood’s unofficial moniker – Oaksterdam University. “Medicine Man,” a classic reggae rocker by UK’s I-Plant, could be the school’s anthem. So put this mp3 in your pipe and smoke it, all you 420 scholars. Quality product from I-GROW RECORDS.

“Medicine Man” (download mp3)
from “Medicine Man / Hard Road to Travel”
Medicine Man (play)

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