Huffamoose Waits, only to be Had Again

Huffamoose – “Wait”

A strange and lovely pop rock gem from a recent fascination of mine – this band called Huffamoose. “Wait” was the closest thing to a full-on hit they ever had, and it isn’t hard to hear why this one started to run away on “modern rock” radio in the early 90’s. But, the bidniz being as it is, it’s also easy to see how it could fall off and disappear. It was maybe too sweet and intelligent for a dumbing down world. How many bands with huge potential died on the vine during that period of rampant corporate media consolidation, just before the Internet age? It’s hard to know. Now through new digital distributors like IODA and labels like It’s About Music, some of these beautiful skeletons are coming out to dance around again. This is a gorgeous song that deserves attention. The other songs I’ve heard by this eccentric group are good too, so I’m gonna buy the album to support this effort and probably discover some more Gr8 songs in the bargain. A day in the life of a Superfan.

“Wait” (mp3)
from “We’ve Been Had Again”

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