The Very Hot Hot Water Music Rocks Again

Hot Water Music – “God Deciding” mp3

Really one of the best bands of its type is Gainesville, Florida’s Hot Water Music. Before “emo” became a sort of oft ridiculed yet much beloved genre of its own, it was, once upon a lamenting teenager, a sub-genre of indie punk rock. Hot Water Music reminds me of the songs that first inspired the “emo” label – emotional punk rock that it is. The passion and unbridled commitment that this foursome brings to a song like “God Deciding” is emotional as fck but in no way wimpy or wistful. The interlaced vocal hooks are monsterously catchy and the band rocks like it was their last day on earth. So glad their “break up” was short lived. This band is the cats meow.

Hot Water Music
“God Deciding” (mp3)
from “Split”
(Jade Tree)

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