Hong Kong Blood Opera? From Mexico? Yes!

Hong Kong Blood Opera – “Killing Joke”

Hell yes! If you’ve ever been a rock fan in your life (that’s most of us) and sometimes wondered if rock was “dead” (again, like most of us), all it takes is a band of young’ns to come along and own the music again – playing it like they invented it, like it never happened before, like it’s the most exciting thing in the world and there will be trouble if they are not heard. From Sonora, Mexico, Hong Kong Blood Opera is such a band. Taking their cue from synth punk and new wave, then blurting out a product that is distinctly rock, theirs is music made by fans first and foremost. You can hear their fervent passion for their medium in every breath and bar of their songs. They all have the right chops for the job, and the lead singer has style coming out the eyeballs. Long live rock!

Hong Kong Blood Opera
“Killing Joke” (mp3)
from “The Critical Paparazzi EP”
(Noiselab Records)

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