Homeliss Derelix – “Fuck You”

There was this thing about the 90s that I remember…. and can only really post-conceptualize today: the film and music industry took a turn for the violent and vulgar in a very mainstream way, i.e. Tarantino dialogue, movies about strippers and junkies. There were endless crappy nu-metal bands that had to rely on cussing as a means of selling plastic jewel cases to their target demographic: twelve-year olds. So here’s some bay area hip hop from ’94 that reflects said mentality (aside from how vulgar that whole west coast ‘thug life’ philosophy was getting in that same year).

Homeliss Derelix
“Fuck You” (download mp3)
from “Bomb Hip-Hop Compilation”
(Bomb Hip Hop)
“Fuck You” (play)

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