Hieroglyphics redefine “Powers That Be”

On the more cre8ive side of early 21st century hip-hop, we have the wordsmiths and musical adventurers of the vast, vital, under-discovered underground, rejecting convention, inventing new rules and abandoning old ones at their whim, much as the beat poets did 50 years ago – when they squeezed the stifling square out of the ’50’s, laying groundwork for the renaissance of the ’60’s. Here we are in October ’09, and mainstream culture has reverted to a Mickey Mouse Club level. Yet meanwhile, innovators like Hieroglyphics, self-invented and relentless, plant seeds for something more. Check this out.

“Powers That Be” (download mp3)
from “Full Circle”
(Hieroglyphics Imperium)
“Powers That Be” (play)

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