Hexes & Ohs go to “H-H-Highschool”

Hexes & Ohs – “H-H-Highschool” mp3

This pretty pop track brings together youthful romantic angst rock with bliptronic after-hours vibes for an exceedingly contemporary sound. Uploading their ones n’ zeros from Montreal, Canada, Hexes & Ohs is the synth pop duo of Edmund Lam and Heidi Donnelly. Their material, apart from being well constructed ear-candy, is kind and friendly – therapeutic even – their lyrics spilling over with compassion even as they delve into our common human insecurities. Plus it’s sexy – the girl boy vocals on “H-H-Highschool” simmer with unpolluted lust and emotional honesty. Sweet and unpretentious work.

Hexes & Ohs
“H-H-Highschool” (mp3)
from “SHARE (Remixes)”
(Lazy At Work)

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