Helplessly Smitten with Oh No Ono

Oh No Ono – “Helplessly Young” mp3

Helplessly, oh so helplessly young. Young Subverse clued me into this – said it sounded like early Blondie. He nailed it – this does remind of those wonderful power-pop new wave torrents of hormones that Debby Harry and posse unleashed in the 70’s. Shades of XTC and Go-Gos also color the proceedings. Comparisons aside, there’s a lot of gr8 new information in this slab o’ avante-poppe. It’s a bold composition, with a miles-wide chord progression for the superb lyric and melody to fly around in. The instrumental work is inventive and fresh, the vocals stellar.  Ace work from Oh No Ono, str8 outta Copenhagen.

Oh No Ono
“Helplessly Young” (mp3)
from “Eggs”
(Friendly Fire Recordings)

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