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Coltrane Motion – “I Forgot There Was A War On” mp3

When music blogging veteran Subverse tells me, “This is a band to watch, they will be famous,” I take notice. So I check this song from Coltrane Motion‘s “Hello Ambition!” album, and wow. From the opening line, “I never had a fight in my life” to the soft exhale ending, “I Forgot There Was A War On” is a potent meditation on life in these redonkulous times. The piece succeeds without any sort of conventional bass track, just an atmospheric sine wave pattern that moves under a staccato bleep in the top end, which pesters like an urgent busy signal. But it’s the ingenious guitar parts and lone vocal, weaving in between the electronic elements, that turn it all into magic. Like the other free mp3 I listened to on the band’s site, this manages to be innovative, smart, AND accessible. Subverse, I heard it from you first 😉

Coltrane Motion
“I Forgot There Was A War On” (mp3)
from “Hello Ambition!”

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